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Evolution Worlds (Gamecube) - Art & Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 27, 2002 @ 9:56 a.m. PDT

Evolution Worlds is the first traditional RPG to launch on GameCube, and brings the best-selling stories from Evolution and Evolution 2 on Dreamcast into one epic RPG adventure. Players can control up to three characters in their party, as they explore the game's many dungeons facing a variety of enemies, picking up valuable items and uncovering the truth behind an ancient civilization. Players will soon find the game's many characters' personalities to be as vibrant and colorful, as they are visually spectacular. Some more juicy screens ...

Mag Launcher (male, age 16)

Our hero, Mag, is the son of famous adventures. Mag is determined to be an adventurer himself, although he starts off the game on a bad note when he lets an old family rival, Chain Gun, get the treasure first. Mag has a bit of a temper and is daring, sometimes foolishly so. He hates being treated like a child. As an adventurer, he is of course a Cyframe user. You’ll see that Mag can be bratty, but he can also be charming, and his light hearted approach to life is refreshing. Mag never gives up, either. You can knock him down but you can’t knock him out!

Mag is a well-rounded character. Not only does he do a lot of damage with his attacks, he also can absorb a lot of damage, making him a good offensive and defensive character.

Linear Cannon (female, age 17)

Linear is strangely silent, but her devotion to Mag speaks volumes. Linear originally appeared at the Launcher house with a letter from Mag’s father. She represents Mag’s last link to his father. Linear lives with Mag now and always goes with him on his adventures. She has a secret you will only discover at the game’s end.

Linear is the best healer in the game. She can help out with attacks, especially in the beginning, but her primary role is healer.

Gre Nade (male, age 58)

Gre Nade, besides being the Launcher butler, is something of a second father to Mag. He worries and frets and scolds Mag, but obviously cares for him a great deal. He always addresses Mag as “Young Master,” which Mag finds very annoying. Despite his age, Gre Nade is quite handy in a crisis and is an excellent shot.

Gre Nade’s normal attacks are powerful, but he is also good at bringing the best out of others via his lecturing skills.

Chain Gun (female, age 15)

Chain Gun, both a friend of Mag’s and a thorn in his side, is the only child of the Gun family. The Gun and Launcher families have been rivals for generations. Chain actually seems a bit sweet on Mag, but don’t let anyone else say it! She hates to lose just as much as Mag does, and is also quick to anger. She has a sharp tongue, as Mag can tell you from personal experience.

Pepper Box (female, age 24)

A femme fatale, Pepper Box comes from a distant country. She may be just passing through Pannam Town, but that doesn’t mean she can’t lend a helping Cyframe to Mag and Linear. She’s a bright, bubbly person who’s ready to go off like a lit firecracker.

Pepper is powerful and can often take out an entire row of enemies.


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