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Lego Shows The Goodies (PC/GBA/PS2) - Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 29, 2002 @ 3:45 a.m. PDT

We got ourselves some lego's ... yes, years ago! Lego also has some decent looking titles coming up .. today we serve up Island Extreme Stunts (PS2/PC/GBA), Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension (GBA) and Drome Racers (PC/PS2) screens .. njoy!

Island Xtreme Stunts (GBA/PS2/PC)

Lights, Camera, ACTION! A Hollywood movie maker has just chosen LEGO┬« Island as the location for a new action adventure film that requires some jaw-dropping stunts. Naturally, Pepper Roni is cast as the lead stuntman for this big production, but not everyone is happy that he’s got the job!

Players take on the role of Pepper Roni as they drive, fly, jump and skate through five extreme stunt games that take them all over the vast LEGO Island.

Pepper Roni must also contend with his nemesis, the mischievous Brickster who pretends to be a reformed character, but Pepper suspects he’s still up to no good. As the film progresses true to form Brickster tries to spoil every scene.


Pepper Roni pushes his skills to the limit in the title’s five stunt games by:

  • Racing through heavy traffic skillfully avoiding the other cars as you chase Brickster’s car, bumping into it to slow him down and foil his getaway
  • Kick-starting a bike and skillfully riding it over a construction site without taking a spill
  • Flying a plane in roller coaster style, aiming for skill hoops to beef up your plane & knocking into the Brickster’s plane to stop him
  • Making a splash with a jet ski and nabbing the Brickster before he breaks for the open sea
  • Surfing the clouds on a sky-board and rescuing helpless passengers as they freefall to LEGO Island


Pepper Roni dashes from shoot to shoot on his skateboard or in any one of the vehicles (providing he’s passed his test of course!). But he mustn’t forget his Island friends, solving sub-quests & puzzles for them along the way.

Players will also have loads of fun customizing all aspects of LEGO Island, including the environment and characters. One simple action changes colour, apperance or style of most objects & is certainly one of the core features of the Island series so far and a firm favourite with the younger players.

The game adds a few more layers of fun by giving players two mind bending puzzles to solve and allowing players to collect trading cards throughout the adventure. This is done by completing the sub-quests as well as keeping a watchful eye open for cards during gameplay. Players who collect enough cards and or successfully complete sub-quests, can unlock sub-games that can be played in arcade or versus mode

(PS 2)

Geared toward kids aged six and up, Island Xtreme Stunts offers open-ended gameplay with high replay value.

Key features of the game include:

  • Fierce competition through the title’s five wild, extreme stunt action games
  • A vast array of rich, customizable environments and characters that appeal to the player’s imagination
  • There are more than 25 challenges and quests to discover on the Island
  • Two, mind bending puzzles to solve
  • Arcade and multi-player modes unlocked after players have completed the subgames
  • Skate park on the main island allows Pepper to learn eight basic grabs and the perform spins, fakies & grinds to his heart’s content
  • There are 14 vehicles to drive, fly and pilot. All are buildable from real LEGO pieces.
  • All the vehicles from the Island Xtreme Stunts range of play materials have been included in the game.

Drome Racers (PC)

Drome Racers (PS 2)

Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension (GBA)

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