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'James Bond 007: NightFire' - FAQ

by Rainier on Aug. 29, 2002 @ 5:11 a.m. PDT

All you ever wanted to know on the PC version of EA's upcoming 'James Bond 007: NightFire'. Q&A and a run down of all missions, weapons, gadgets, villains, multiplayer aspects and more ... check it out!

Which James Bond are you aiming to capture?

We reached an agreement with Pierce Brosnan to use the famous Bond actor s likeness in James Bond 007: NightFire“ . Here is some relevant information from his bio.

  • Born of a Scottish father and Swiss mother.
  • His father traveled extensively as a foreign representative of an armaments firm.
  • Much of Bond s early education was spent abroad; he learned to speak fluent French and German at a young age.
  • When Bond was 11 years old, his parents were killed in a climbing accident in the Aiguilles Rouges above Chamonix.
  • After the death of his parents, Bond was raised by his aunt.
  • He went to school at Eton but was asked to leave. The reason isn t exactly clear, but it had to do with some sort of trouble with a maid.
  • Bond transferred to Fettes, his father s old school academic and athletic standards were rigorous.
  • By the time he left Fettes (at the age of 17), Bond had twice fought for the school as a lightweight boxer and had founded the first serious judo class at a
    British public school.
  • In 1941, he entered a branch of what subsequently became the Ministry of Defense.
  • Over time he was accorded the rank of lieutenant in the Special Branch of the R.N.V.R., and he ended the war with the rank of Commander.
  • Commander Bond continued working for the Ministry after the war he rose to the rank of Principal Officer in the Civil Service.
  • Eventually Bond joined MI6, becoming one of the few agents with a license to kill.

What sort of villains and allies can we expect?

  • Dominique Paradis
    This stunning French beauty is ideally suited for deep undercover operations. She's also a small arms and explosives expert. Enlisted to track down a missing
    nuclear warhead, Dominique will need all of her considerable skills to gain access to Rafael Drake s plans.
  • Zoe Nightshade
    One of the CIA s best undercover agents, Zoe Nightshade is more than capable of lending Bond a hand in his efforts against Rafael Drake. Fluent in Mandarin, skilled in handling a variety of firearms, and an expert high-speed driver, agent Nightshade is in many ways the CIA equivalent to her majesty s best secret agent.
  • Rafael Drake
    Raised in the Soviet Union by a South African father and a Brazilian mother, Rafael Drake is a hugely successful corporate mogul. In his effort to eradicate post-industrial waste, Drake transformed the Phoenix International Corporation from an ecology-ravaging behemoth into the world s leading regeneration company. Possessing several passports, residences on two continents, and the ability to speak half a dozen languages, the globally-minded Drake considers himself a true citizen of the world.
  • Armitage Rook
    As Rafael Drake s head of security, Armitage Rook is a formidable adversary for Bond. With his massive physique and superior intelligence, Rook displays an incredible ability to survive catastrophic events. This is definitely one man who's difficult to get rid of.
  • Alexander Mayhew
    Alexander Mayhew heads up Phoenix International Corporation s Japanese holdings. As Drake s right-hand man in all operational matters, Mayhew frequently has full knowledge of Drake s dealings. It s highly likely that Mayhew is harboring important information in his country estate outside Tokyo.
  • Makiko Hayashi
    With striking looks and a deadly streak, Makiko Hayashi is the perfect bodyguard for Alexander Mayhew. Her diminutive appearance belies a lethality honed by years mastering the martial arts. Mayhew values her unquestioned loyalty.
  • Alura McCall
    Alura McCall is an MI6 operative based in Tokyo. She is a curvaceous, sharpwitted Aussie who also happens to be very adept with a wide range of highpowered weaponry. Her skill behind the wheel and knowledge of Tokyo s back streets will come in very handy in Bond s time of need.

Is the story a completely original one?

The story is a completely original one, but you ll also see some key inspirations from the long list of exciting missions James Bond has been through on the silver
screen. Staying true to Bond form, there will be a main enemy (evil mastermind Alexander Drake) who Bond must defeat in order to save the world and get the
girl. In NightFire, the player will stealth fully maneuver through a snow covered Austrian castle, infiltrate a Tokyo high rise, blast his way through a fortified jungle
base, penetrate a hidden South Pacific island training facility, maneuver through a zero-gravity space station, and more, all in attempts to save the world from the
nuclear arsenal of the most diabolical Bond villain yet. Here s a thought think amazing heights and depths and that s the direction for NightFire.

Will there be room for stealth, puzzle-solving and seducing women?

Those fans anticipating all the action of James Bond will definitely get it, including the opportunity to further their experience through stealth, strategic planning, and utilization of a full arsenal of Q-Lab gadgets. Stealth, puzzle solving, and rescuing beautiful damsels in distress, will definitely be part of the NightFire PC

What sort of weapons and gadgets will be in the game?

The ingenious minds at MI6 Q-lab will provide the player with the gadgets and briefings to succeed in true Bond style. Bond s full arsenal of Q-Lab gadgets will
include the multi-purpose wrist watch, Q-Vision enhancement glasses (X-ray, Light Amplification, Infra-red), Lighter concealed q-camera, PDA data-hacker,
cartridge fired pen dart, and more. Additionally, all new stealthy sniper weapons, full automatic assault rifles, high damage rocket and grenade launchers, and
specially disguised ambush weapons such as the Sentry Suitcase Turret, and remote activated Q-bombs will play a role in the player s pursuit to save the world
from the diabolical plans of Alexander Drake.

Where will the missions be set in this game?

Exotic locations are indeed staples of James Bond, and NightFire will not disappoint. Some of the amazing locations you can expect include an alpine
Austrian castle, a south pacific desert isle, a Japanese estate, and a high altitude zero-gravity space station.

What can we expect for multiplayer?

We ve got a lot of great plans for multi-player. We believe this is really where being on the PC will allow us to create great Bond multi-player experiences.
There are many different features, modes and options that the player will be able to configure in multiplayer. Players will enjoy their favourites, like Elimination,
Capture the Briefcase, King of the Hill, and many others. Additionally, players fully customize weapons, skins, controller configurations, and handicaps in an
innovative system of modifiers and base modes for hundreds of different multiplayer experiences. We’ll have more to share in terms of details a little later on, and we are confident that our multiplayer component will be impressive and well received.

What engine does the game use?

NightFire uses an all-new graphics engine. We have licensed technology created by id Software and by Valve Software that we re using for tools, data formats, entities and more, but the core rendering engine was customized for us and is several steps ahead of what you ve seen from us in the past. The game is fully taking advantage of the latest hardware from the leading vendors.

Will we be seeing high levels of intelligence and challenging behavior in the James Bond enemies? What kind of enemies are there?

Because of the titles we ve worked on and our emphasis on game-play engineering, we have actually gotten quite good at AI programming over the years. In NightFire, you can just take for granted all of the AI behaviors you ve seen in games like Half-Life. But, NightFire will go much further.

Single Player Missions

  • T h e E x c h a n g e
    The world is once again in need of your talents, 007. The Phoenix Corporation, run by the international green industrialist Rafael Drake, has been decommissioning nuclear weapons for the last few years. Recent intelligence suggests there are more sinister motives behind Drake s actions. Unfortunately, Drake has been very careful to keep his plans well hidden. This is where you come in, 007. Drake is throwing a gala event in his Austrian castle, and we have reason to believe that the party is a cover for a secret meeting with his conspirators. I need you to leave immediately for Austria. Infiltrate the party at the castle, and see what you can find. Good luck, 007.
  • A i r f i e l d A m b u s h
    Drake s private airfield is your only escape, 007. Unfortunately, it is heavily guarded and well secured with the latest surveillance technology. Together, you and Agent Nightshade need to infiltrate the control tower, destroy the communications and tracking equipment inside, and locate a means of escape. Your best bet is to remain stealthy. Should the guards become alerted, you will need to protect Zo while she prepares the plane. Make your way to the runway, but be certain the area is clear for take-off. And above all, make sure you are on that plane when it leaves the ground.
  • D o u b l e C r o s s
    Alexander Mayhew, Drake s trusted partner turned informant, has requested your protection at his countryside estate, outside Tokyo. We believe Drake means to eliminate Mayhew before we can fully interrogate him. Mayhew is in possession of extremely sensitive MI6 files that cannot fall into the hands of Drake, or that of his Yakuza thugs. You will need to escort Mayhew to the safety of his underground bunker, and then locate the files somewhere inside the estate. As a side note Bond, the Yakuza are notorious for taking hostages. Be sure that Drake’s employees remain unharmed, then secure the files and escape with Mayhew.
  • N i g h t S h i f t
    We now know that Drake is developing a technology code-named Nightfire, and we ve confirmed that the plans are being kept in a database within the Phoenix highrise in downtown Tokyo. You must covertly infiltrate the tower and plant the Q-Worm virus. Q has supplied you with a set of Q-magnets that will help you scale the exterior of the building, if needed. Gain access to the mainframe level and download the Nightfire files. Be careful, 007, we know the mainframe is extremely well guarded, and has a state-of-the-art alarm system. Setting off the alarm will guarantee a difficult escape.
  • H i d d e n A g e n d a
    The Nightfire files you retrieved confirmed that Drake is pursuing a dangerous plan involving a private nuclear arsenal. Evidence suggests that one of his factories is a cover for some kind of training facility. Gain access to the facility and learn what you can. Be on the alert, Bond. Drake s henchman, Rook, is onsite, heading up the facility’s security detail. He is highly trained, and certainly would love to enact his revenge for the helicopter incident back at the castle. Do be careful 007.
  • P h o e n i x F i r e
    We re not sure how we lost contact, Bond, but it seems you and Agent Paradis have been brought back to Drake s penthouse at the top of the Phoenix Tower. Make your escape using the by any means necessary -- perhaps the building s elevator shafts could be of use. We can t afford to lose you now, 007, so be careful.
  • C a v e s E x t r e m e
    The island you re on is the site of Drake s stronghold and the very heart of his Nightfire operation. Satellite photos lead us to believe that the island houses an elaborate system of subterranean caves. The facilities appear to be protected by elite paramilitary troops. Infiltrate the facility and sabotage Drake s plans. Together, you and Alura must prevent Drake from furthering his nuclear reassembly plans.
  • C o u n t d o w n
    Once inside the main sector, locate the shuttle platforms. The intelligence you gathered strongly indicates that Drake has moved several nuclear missiles offsite. Find Drake, and then determine where the missiles are secretly being stored. We must stop Drake from launching his arsenal, or the consequences will be devastating.
  • E q u i n o x
    Our satellite has tracked Drake s shuttle to the International Space Station. Your shuttle will dock shortly. You must get inside and stop Drake before it s too late. We now know he has the nuclear missiles onboard, and is more than willing to use them. Find and disarm the missiles, and then eliminate Drake. Good luck, 007, the fate of many nations rests in your hands.


  • Wolfram P2K
    Designed to be the next generation of sidearm for the German police, this pistol sports a compact design and smooth single-action firing mechanism. The P2K fires special lightweight 9mm bullets - while not the most powerful rounds in Bond s world, they allow for rapid and precise firing. Bond s Wolfram P2K can be fitted with a silencer that screws into the barrel.
  • IAC Defender
    Developed for the Israeli military, the IAC fires the powerful .44 Magnum round at a steady rate of fire, thanks to a gas-powered blowback system. It s a powerful weapon, but accuracy suffers.
  • Dartgun
    For special missions, Q Lab provides this gas-powered pistol capable of firing non-lethal darts. Use this weapon to silently immobilize innocent guards.
  • Ingalls Type 20
    Originally designed for urban police use, the Ingalls Type 20 never achieved popularity because of its poor accuracy. It immediately caught on with the criminal underworld, where its lack of finesse was viewed as an advantage rather than a liability. Compared to the KS7, the Ingalls has a higher rate of fire and a larger clip.
  • Calypso P-750
    The large-capacity cylindrical magazine gives the Calypso P-750 an unusual look, but it carries more rounds than any other submachine gun. An additional grip gives it greater accuracy than the Ingalls or KS7, and a high rate of fire makes it a formidable weapon.
  • Munitions Belgique PS100
    Built for the Belgian military, the PS100 features a dorsal magazine that holds more rounds than the Ingalls or the KS7. Its superior rate of fire makes the PS100 the most lethal submachine gun in the world.

Assault Rifles

  • Windsor FSU-4
    A version of the US Army’s standard-issue assault rifle, the Windsor FSU-4 offersa decent rate of fire and accuracy with the added benefit of a grenade launcher. To switch to the weapon s grenade launcher, select Alt. Fire.
  • Frinesi Special 12
    Used by police forces around the world, this 12-gauge combat shotgun has limited range but tremendous firepower. In Multiplayer Alt. Fire turns the Frinesi
    into an automatic shotgun.


  • Grenades can be used to attack opponents while taking cover. To throw a grenade, press the _button (the Fire button in the default controller setup). To increase the range of your throw, hold down the Fire button before releasing. The longer you hold down the button, the farther you ll throw the grenade.
  • Grenade Launcher (MULTIPLAYER)
    The grenade launcher shoots grenades farther and faster. It s an effective weapon for eliminating snipers and players camping in hard to reach areas. Alt. Fire turns a grenade into a Cluster Grenade. The Cluster Grenade disperses a series of sub-munitions that spread out over a wide area before exploding. Each sub-munition does less damage, but the overall area of effect is greater.
    Multiplayer features an array of interesting mines. These devices can be placed on almost any surface. Trip Mines display laser beams in your team color. Walking through the beam damages you or your enemy. Proximity Mines explode when any player enters the mines detection area. Detonator Mines are the most destructive of all mines and also require the most skill to use. Once mines are placed, you can detonate them using the Q-Remote gadget.


  • Q-Decryptor
    The Q-Decryptor function on your cell phone can come in handy. A sophisticated computer de-scrambles encrypted codes in doors and mainframes. Point and activate this tool to open locked doors and systems.
  • Q-Claw
    Hidden in your cell phone is the Q-Claw, a double-coiled filament that can be used to climb up to ledges and balconies. If the filament strikes a suitable surface, it grabs and holds, pulling the holder of the Q-Claw towards that point. Very useful in securing entrance to above-ground areas.
  • Q-Laser
    When activated, the Q-Laser emits a short-range laser with tremendous cutting power. This tool is very useful for breaking locks.
  • Q-Specs
    These x-ray glasses can reveal hidden doors, hatches or panels. Dress for success, 007. They also have infared and nightvision modes.
  • Q-Camera
    This compact tool of the spy trade should come in handy. Select the camera and point it so that the subject is in the center of the screen. Press the _ button to take a snapshot (the Use Gadget control in the default controller setup).
  • Q-Jet
    The Q-Jet can lift an agent into the air to reach elevated platforms or stations. It is a short-burst mechanism, requiring frequent recharges. To operate the Q-Jet, use normal movement controls. To recharge your Q-Jet, look for nearby Refueling Stations and press the _ button (default Action button) to refuel. In Multiplayer, Q-Jet continuously regenerates.
  • Dartpen
  • Q-Worm
  • Q-Suitcase
  • Q-Stunner


  • Arena
    This is a death match involving free-for-all combat and using weapons that spawn around the mission area. Various game options can be modified to suit
    the agents, such as kill limits, time limits, friendly fire, and the like.
  • Team Arena
    This mode employs the same rules as Arena, except that agents are grouped into teams. The combined score of every individual on the team results in the
    overall team score.
  • Capture the Flag
    Two bases are situated on every multiplayer level with a single flag on each one. Obtain points by stealing an enemy s flag and returning it to your own base. If a
    flag carrier is killed, the flag is dropped. If an enemy then touches the flag, it is returned to its base. If neither side collects the flag, it returns to its base
  • King of the Hill
  • Multiplayer Levels
  • Player Models
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