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Arxel Tribe's ECTS Lineup - Features & Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 29, 2002 @ 11:10 p.m. PDT

Arxel Tribe is rolling out a few very impressive looking games at the ECTS 2002 ... We got all the goodies for you from :

  • Galdiators
  • Mistmare
  • Ring II
  • Hannibal

RING II - Twilight of Gods


Out of the darkest forests at the top of the world comes the legend of a lost child who knows no fear... Of a broken sword in need of reforging.

Of the boy's fight with a dragon, the guardian of a ring whose power he will wield.

Discover the Golden Age of Siegfried, as he slays giants, defies the great powers, wins the love of the Walkyrie, and brings about her downfall in the Twilight of the Gods.


Two years after the award-winning "Ring - The legend of the Nibelungen", graphic artist Philippe Druillet and Arxel Tribe team up again to bring to life the legend of Siegfried, thus ending the interactive cycle based on Wagner's masterpiece.

"The Ring of the Nibelungen" which has its roots in the Scandinavian Mythology was first compiled by the brothers Grimm to serve later as libretto for Wagner's monumental opera.

This legend was also one of the main sources for Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (especially for the central problem of the cursed ring of power).

The visual identity of the game coupled with Wagner's magnificent score gives the game a real creative touch.


  • CINERGY engine: Real-time 3D Characters & SFX on high definition pre-rendered backgrounds.
  • ARXEL's Adventure know-how and experience at its best.
  • Fluid gameplay aimed at a real cinematographic feel reinforced by 30 minutes of spectacular cut scenes.
  • The focus is on contextual enigmas vs hard puzzles. Ring 2 is a very rich interactive experience that underlines the range of enigmas and the way they are slotted into the developing story.
  • Richly-detailed characters (gods, heroes, dwarves, villains, wild beasts, dragons, ogres...) and more than 25 main settings (dark forests, castles, harbours, etc) have been designed by Druillet in his flamboyant style.
  • RING 2 is a door to another world that offers players a spectacular journey and a fresh look at an eternal tale.

Hannibal (PC)

Hannibal Lecter is on the move again. Special Agent Clarice Starling is the only one who can track him down. Especially since Doctor Lecter seems to want to meet up. But the road leading to the infamous cannibal is paved with hidden dangers as the real enemy might not be most obvious one. Take on the role of Clarice and set to capture the most wanted serial killer on earth. From the US to Italy, sharpen up both your investigative skills and marksmanship to escape the many foes who want to bring you down and get to grips with the real nature of the trap in you’ve just stepped into. Check the screens & art ...

A Thrilling First Person Shooter Game :

  • An Action-packed thriller in an atmosphere of ritual murders, sinister plots and constant tension.
  • A hot mix of shooting and investigation (the game encourages tactical shooting and wounding/arresting opponents vs killing).
  • An engaging duel of epic proportions : Special Agent Clarice Sterling, torn apart by professional doubts and Doctor Hannibal Lecter, the cannibal serial killer who holds his pursuer in the greatest esteem and lusts after her.
  • Introducing a new feature : an “anxiety” quotient will add to the natural suspense of the story and ambience by recreating in real time for the player the sensory distortions of a person under extreme stress (amplification of sounds / altered perception of places and people).
  • Localised wounds for both the hero and the enemies alter their bodily capabilities (movements and precision).
  • Realistic “gun draw” system which has a direct impact on the opponent's behaviour (holding a gun in the hand vs aiming at someone).
  • Advanced A.I. and group behaviour: each opponent has a degree of willpower which influences his attitude (degree of aggressiveness, propensity to surrender, influence on other team members).
  • The A.I. also influences the dialogue between characters according to the situation and the players choice (e.g. : Clarice can reveal who she is at any time but while some NPCs will be impressed by her FBI badge, others will get trigger itchy at the sight of it. As another example : an arrested villain tends to be more talkative than a dead one).
  • Full 3D – JUPITERTM engine (from MONOLITHTM) with enhanced in-house developed features.
  • Emphasis on visual and audio SFX : RT torchlight, explosions, infra-vision, real time angle distortions, breakable objects, etc.

Gladiators (PC)

The Gameplay

  • Immediate feel for the game.
  • Interface as intuitive as a console game's.
  • Resource management and unit construction simple and effective to enhance the arcade aspect.
  • Power ups, and gladiator special aptitudes to combine for devastating combos.
  • Realistic tactical skills of the units.

A ground breaking multi-player concept

  • 3 civilisations : Human/Fantasy/Galactic.
  • 24 different units and up to 500 units at the same time.
  • Up to 16 players over LAN and Internet.
  • Around 15 Maps exclusively created for Multiplayer Mode.
  • A fully interactive environment: use and destroy the scenery, vegetation and buildings.

A Real Time Strategy non-stop Action oriented GAME

  • Constant action multi-player concept
    The gladiators has taken out the drawbacks of the RTS genre to provide an intense non-stop action gameplay.
  • Instant join
    The player is able to join a server during a game instead of waiting that a session starts.
  • Blitz games
    Thanks to the fast forward gameplay emphasizing tactical choices over fastidious resource management and base construction, games last less than 20 minutes.
  • Frag & Respawn deathmatch action
    In the gladiators, getting kill doesn't stop the game. Your opponent earns a frag while you get a death on your count and your gladiator reappears elsewhere. That way you can keep on fighting for the best score until the end of the round.
  • Deathmatch and Team play special modes
    Two modes are set : deathmatch in which all players are on their own and team play in which two teams will fight for the round.

A powerful home brewed engine for limitless gaming experience

  • Maximum interaction : fully interactive use (hide, climb on…) and destruction of the scenery, terrain, vegetation and buildings.
  • Real-time ray-traced line of sight for every unit giving the ability to set ambushes and infiltrate enemy bases.
  • More than 20 maps in various environments ranging from arctic ice fields to desert canyons.
  • Enhanced vision with zoom and 360° rotations.


  • Creation of the official server hosted by our partner
  • All the players will be ranked in relation to their score and will use their experience to play in the higher level arena.
  • The classification is proportional to the number of victorious games.

MistMare (PC)

Two thousand years have passed since the Son of God walked the Earth. In a parallel dimension, the history of the world has taken an evil turn. Men, under the guidance of the allpowerful Roman Church have neglected the sciences and reverted to magic. At the end of the first millennium, the occult dabbling of the sorcerer priests spawned a terrible evil: an evil mist that spread over the Earth, an all-consuming nightmare that devoured everything in its path. Ten centuries on, and only a few cities survive, the last beacons of light in a dark world. Their survival depends on the enchanted bells that ring out incessantly from their cathedrals to repel the evil forces.
A young sorcerer monk has been assigned an unenviable task. The Inquisition has ordered him to find a man whose crimes could plunge the world even further into darkness. His manhunt will take him on an incredible journey, by way of the grandest cities in Europe, right to the heart of the secret that lies behind the evil mist.


  • TAKE ON THE ROLE of a sorcerer-monk in a mysterious world, a fantasy image of Medieval Europe. Your mystical and terrifying quest will take you to Athens, Paris, London, Antwerp, Avignon, Rome, Krakow and Stockholm. On the way, forge your hero to your liking through his attributes (strength; dexterity; health; willpower, etc…), fighting skills (fighting schools, weapon proficiency), adventure skills (lore; Acrobatics; observation; lock picking, etc…) an spells family (Liturgy or Alchemy).
  • IIMMERSE yourself in a complete 3D environment, created with the best graphic tools (Alias|Wavefront Maya and Lithtech3.2 engine). A detailed universe with more than 10,000 polygons displayed per single level. Custom effects (volumetric explosions, …) and pre-coded particle systems, dynamic lighting and reflection mapping will allow for ingame high-level details: real time weather and time of day effects like rain, snow, lighting bolts, sunsets, sunny or cloudy days and nights.
  • IINTERACT with over 100 realistic, fully-fleshed-out characters with a high level of model details (over 1,000 polygons) with lifelike facial expressions and body language including phoneme-based lip-synching and facial animation, real time animation blending, clothing and hair effects with dynamic LOD.
  • FIIGHT your opponents, choosing carefully not only your weapons but also the combat school you wish to specialise in (Military; Oriental; Norse; Barbaric). The combat system offers a mix of grasping 3D multi-opponents swash buckling and tactics (pre-set parameters depending on the situation and nature of your enemies).
  • CAST your liturgical and alchemical spells on your foes + TRAP & CONJURE over 35 unique monsters - each with different features, models, specific A.I. and combat tactics to make them your minions in the battles to come.

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