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Karma : Immortality - Features & Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 3, 2002 @ 2:35 a.m. PDT

Karma : Immortality is a interesting project under development by Korean Dragonfly (no corrolation with Kevin Costner's latest movie). Karma : Immortality is a 3D Military Action FPS set in the near future with some great looking graphics .. check out the screens and see for yourself...

Karma: Immortality describes the end of human violating providence. The game is composed of two parts.

Episode I - World War II : Soldiers of fate

In World War II, German Fallschirmjägers are drawn into the incessant war without the recognition of conspiracy. Finally they disappear one after another in the battlefield by a malicious human being challenging providence. Episode 1 spreads out what is the figure of the real soldier in the situation of war victims.

Episode II - Immortal War (The Futuristic War)

Fallschirmjägers are regenerated by the Human Genome Project, and their clones are involved in conspiracy again. What is the incarnation of immortality, Good or Evil? What do you pursue, Good or Evil? Ultimately who is immortal, Nature or Human being? It's Karma. Episode 2 draws that soldiers are eager to recover their own selves, although they are continuously regenerated.

Two parts are connected with the medium of Human Genome Project.

Features :

  • 3D Military Action FPS

    - Describing the atmosphere of the battlefield by the military situation and arms based on the real equipment such as weapon, tank, vehicle and uniform

  • Multiplayer Game : Supporting for up to 32 players over networks

    - Cooperative Team Play : Multiple users playing the game with cooperation

    - Individual death match : Survival Mode

    - Team death match : Team Play Mode

  • Game Playing by Mission

    - Game structure by mission

    - Maintaining the coordination between the scenario and the correlation of missions

  • Real-time Full 3D
  • E.R.AI System (Environment React Artificial Intelligence System)
  • Interface oriented game player

- Squad structure and system to improve the combat power

  • Realistic Animation
  • Story of Karma

- Describing what is the end of human being challenging providence.

  • Accurate arms and equipments by the historical investigation

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