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Colin Mcrea Rally 3 'Service Area' - Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2002 @ 4:55 a.m. PDT

At the heart of Colin McRae Rally 3 is its championship gameplay and the gritty reality of rally racing. Between the adrenaline of driving the world’s toughest courses, the game seamlessly blends stage starts, checkpoints and the checkered flag, but no race would be complete without the service areas.

Each rally begins with the Ford Focus in the service area where the team’s engineers perform the set-up requirements, adjusting the suspension, engine, chassis and other key parts, for the stages ahead. The engineers will prepare the car to practically optimum settings for the upcoming stages. However, should the player, as McRae, want to make an inspection of their work there’s an opportunity to check the configuration and make manual adjustments.

“We want the game to give the player a real sense of being McRae and being part of an international rally team,” Guy Wilday, studio head and producer of the Colin McRae Rally series. “Colin McRae Rally 3 is more than the ‘start stage, race car, end stage’ construction of its previous incarnations. So the rally driving is mixed with these sequences to provide the flow of a rally and create the long-term tension of the almost year-long season.”

While Colin may check the set-up in the service areas, co-driver Nicky Grist can be spotted relaxing with a quick cup of tea!

About Colin McRae Rally 3

Colin McRae Rally 3 will launch on September 27th and is set to be an unbelievably personal experience. Capturing the emotions and consequences of being a professional rally champion it takes the gaming experience to the limit as the player attempts to become the world’s greatest rally driver. In a career centered game, the pressure is on as the player takes on the role of Colin McRae as he’s given a three-year contract to win a series of championships for the Ford Rally Sport team. Between the adrenaline-rushing rally driving, the game is seamlessly blended with stage starts, stage checkpoint, end stage and service area sequences. It’s these sequences, when the Ford team attends to the Focus itself that builds the atmosphere of actually being part of a championship rally team.

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