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Myst III: Exile's J'nanin (Xbox/PS2) - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 9, 2002 @ 6:33 a.m. PDT

Following is the next Age in the Myst III: Exile series, J'nanin "The Lesson Age." J'nanin is the hub Age in Myst III: Exile, players will link to other Ages from here. The Xbox's vibrating, force feedback controller has improved linking to be more similar to the disorienting effect Cyan always intended. Presto Studios went to great efforts to blur the line between a real-time and prerendered game (i.e. the water's ripple effect). Check the impressive XBOX and PS2 screens!

Players track Salvador from Tomahna to J'nanin and uncover his journal which reveals the motivations behind his hatred against Atrus. Saaverdro seeks to restore his Narayan Age, destroyed by Atrus' sons, or, failing that, exact his revenge on Artus. Throughout the game, players will uncover additional pages to Saaverdro's journal and see various paintings that illustrate Saavedro's hatred. Players will solve five puzzles on J'nanin, including puzzles that allow players to link to the other ages -- Amateria, Edanna and Voltaic.

Myst III: Exile features several special features exclusive only to PS2:

  • Smoother Framerate than PC version.
    • The PS2 Emotion Engine as well as the PS2 mpeg decoding chipset achieves a smoother framerate
    • Myst III: Exile will also have faster load times than a PC without a full game installation
    • For the same quality textures we can decode textures 10x faster using MPEG chipsets on the PS2
  • Specifically Adapted for consoles.
    • Menus, Interface, Puzzle Manipulation system all re-designed for PS2 user
    • PS2 USB Mouse Support
  • Each texture being decoded by MPEG chipset on PS2 as opposed to PC version which uses JPGs
  • Ubi Soft Proprietary Sound Technology "DARE Sound Engine" integrated into Presto Studio's Sprint Engine for sound performance and audio quality
  • PS2 Data Streaming System
    • Since the game does not support a PS2 hard drive Ubi Soft created a unique Data Streaming System specifically for Myst III: Exile PS2. We stream data directly from the DVD for optimal performance.
  • 12 minute behind-the-scenes featurette, including footage of video shoot, interviews with developers and "inside looks" at the making of Myst III: Exile
  • Myst trivia and other Myst special goodies

Myst III: Exile features several special features exclusive only to Xbox.

  • Myst's beautiful photo-realism is a hallmark in the gaming world, and Presto Studios enhanced the 3D effects in the pre-rendered environments to create a more immersive experience, more stunning and more real. The Xbox version uses enhanced modeling systems to create water that moves and looks like real water, both up close and at a distance.
  • The Xbox version has the "Director's Cut" of the lens flare implemented. This feature was toned down for the PC version, but due to the Xbox capabilities it has been implemented as it was intended.
  • Dolby 5.1 surround sound: Myst III: Exile takes advantage of the Xbox's realistic surround-sound audio. Presto has created the ability to not only have sound come from behind the player, but to differentiate from left and right ear.
  • Behind the scenes footage: the Xbox version includes a 22 minute "making of" featurette. This is the only in-game, full screen version seen anywhere. The movie includes footage from the video shoot, interviews with the developers.

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