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Myst III: Exile's Edanna The Nature Age (Xbox) - Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 10, 2002 @ 2:33 a.m. PDT

The next age in the upcoming game, Myst III: Exile for PS2 and Xbox -- Edanna the Nature Age. Edanna is a fantastic, living edifice that rises some 200 feet above the ocean. This nature-infused Age is a tree-like structure, that grows inward. Knotted, sun-bleached branches weave a labyrinth down the trunk's interior, creating three distinct ecosystems: the dry Deadwood Ridge, the lush canopied forest and the murky saltwater swamp. To find Edanna's unique symbol, players must discover how various plants and animals in the Age react to different stimuli.

Edanna is different from any Age in any Myst game ever made in that the puzzles in it are all organic. Rather than manipulating machines and devices, players will be working with the indigenous animals and plants to accomplish their goals. For example, the plants can be used as makeshift telescopes that you can use to examine animals, etc. Here players see unique animals, like the squee, Myst III: Exile's "unofficial mascot."

Artistically, Edanna is the most ambitious Age in the game. The forest area alone has over 86,000 leaves, each one individually modeled. Players will also see additional murals from Saavedro. In this screenshot of Saavedro's mural, Atrus' sons speak to enthralled young people while worried elders listen nearby.

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