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Majorem Announces 'OPIUM' - Massively Multiplayer Technology

by Rainier on Sept. 10, 2002 @ 10:11 a.m. PDT

Majorem Ltd., a developer of massively multiplayer games and technology, is pleased to officially announce the development of a software development kit to provide solutions for both server-side and client-side needs in facilitating the creation and running of massively multiplayer worlds.

Majorem's 'OPIUM' - (Online Persistent Infrastructure for Unlimited Multiplay) employs a proprietary communications protocol to reduce lag, and advanced data compression and filtering technologies in order to save on bandwidth expenses while enabling a new game genre: MMPORTS. OPIUM will also support a dynamic server clustering technology that will benefit the game by improving its uptime-reliability and maintaining a seamless world environment.

Other technologies to be included in the SDK are: independent process technology and process-filtering, hierarchical object infrastructure, smart server resources allocation, dynamic world backup and central content-history management.

About Majorem Ltd.

Based in Bney-Brak, Israel, Majorem Ltd. approaches the games market from its technological aspect, developing technology for massively multiplayer persistent games. Majorem's server technology will support MMP games for the Internet, DTV and cellular, and is being used in the development of their upcoming online strategy game 'Ballerium'.

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