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'This Is Football 2003' (PS2) - Features & Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 10, 2002 @ 7:05 p.m. PDT

The only football title to carry the official approval of FIFPro (the organisation representing the interests of professional footballers), This Is Football 2002 was a huge critical success and one of the best-selling football titles on PS2. This Is Football 2003 takes it one step further, featuring a number of enhancements in gameplay, tactics and graphics to ensure it retains its position as the cutting edge of real-time football simulations, providing the most intense football experience on next generation consoles.

Key features :

  • Improved AI and tactics

    Strategically, TIF2003 boasts one of the best tactical intelligence engines around. Players automatically move to cover gaps in defence, run into space to receive a pass and even track back to cover opponents' runs.
  • Better graphics and animations

    Graphics throughout the game have been upgraded and enhanced. The photo-realistic in-game stadia look more impressive than ever before. The mapped-on faces of the stars, which caused such a stir in the previous version, now look even more lifelike. There are a number of new TV-style cut-scenes highlighting in-game dramas, such as bookings and sendings-off. And players now show the benefit of completely re-worked models, boasting improved animations and even more realistic movement. This is turn leads to…
  • Better skills

    The new animation routines incorporated into the game have allowed for the provision of even more fancy moves and moments of sublime skill.
  • Better atmosphere

    The big-match atmosphere has never been so accurately encapsulated in a football game. The crowd chant and get more raucous as events go their way or the excitement builds. They even fall quiet when the game is poor. Surround sound audio ensures that you feel like you're in the middle of the action.
  • More leagues and stats

    The previous version had a bewildering range of choice of ways to play, but This Is Football 2003 boasts even more leagues than its predecessor. As well as additional European leagues not seen before, the leagues of North America, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Korea and Mexico are now all included. In all, the details and attributes of more than 13,500 real-life players now feature in the game.Detailed stats are kept, so you'll see right away exactly who's under-performing - and who knows, one of your players might even pick up an award at the end of the season.
  • Career Mode, transfers and DIY

    A new Career mode lets you start by controlling a team as low as a school side if you're really up for the long haul, fighting your way up to the professional leagues. A fully-fledged transfer system lets you improve your squad as you go (finances permitting). And the Custom Teams facility lets you move a player between teams to reflect a real-life mid-season signing, change a kit design or even create custom-built players from scratch.

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