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Millenium Digger II - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 17, 2002 @ 10:03 a.m. PDT

This month it is the 20th Anniversary since the release of the most popular arcade "Digger". Alawar Entertainment Company is celebrating this memorable date by releasing new version of this cult arcade - "Millenium Digger II". Read more for some screens (and remember this is a classic so dont expect the latest in 3D gfx ;)

Upgraded gameplay added a lot of new elements to the game:

  • Set of new campaigns (each campaign contains 30 levels);
  • Upgraded AI;
  • Option of changing the game speed during gameplay;
  • Kids (simplified) game mode;
  • Friendly interface;
  • Indestructible stone blocks are added in campaigns with hard mode of difficulty
  • Increased number of monsters and treasures

"Simple adding of such things as stone cages and new bonuses not only brought more fun to the game, but it also changed the gameplay. New levels don't look alike, each of them contains it's own secret, and for each of them the tactics of finishing the level is different. I was amazed myself; now you can't finish the level just by going in quickly and aggressively, you have to use various tactics and strategy", - said Dmitry Komleff., Chief of Development Department.

Now the new game supports new technology of skins. You will be able to change its appearance. In the first version you will find the classic skin (stylized to the old version) and the new one, made in hi-tech style. Players will be able to upgrade their game. New campaigns and skins, created by developers, will be added in the upgraded versions.

Soon the company will release GoldBox Edition of the game. It will contain level and campaign editor, enabling you to create new worlds and exchange them with other players. At the same time new Internet service will appear - "Digger Internet Top Gamers". This service will provide to all registered users the possibility of posting their records on Internet.

Besides, soon new online community will be created on the developer's web site. It will enable players to:

  • Exchange skins and campaigns with each other;
  • Discuss tactics of finishing various levels;
  • Tell others about your achievements;
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