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Thrustmaster's New 'Ferrari F1 Racing Wheel'

by Rainier on Sept. 18, 2002 @ 6:50 p.m. PDT

Thrustmaster already has a strong line of PC pheripherals and have now added a new and improved steering wheel under their exclusive deal with Ferrari. Read more for all the juicy details!

The ultimate Force Feedback wheel for PC : the unique Formula 1 world champion replica wheel , officially licensed by Ferrari

  • The only Formula 1 world champion replica wheel, officially licensed by Ferrari
  • New strong, silent and smooth Force Feedback mechanism
  • Top level quality, for maximum solidity, precision and comfort (metal axis + ball bearing steering mechanism, 4 aluminum wheel mounted levers, full aluminum foot pedals and full rubber handgrip)
  • Exclusive “Back to center” switch


  • 8 action buttons + 1 Point of View button + 1 “Back to center” button
  • Wheel-rim : Carbon texture + rubber handgrips
  • 2 full aluminum gearshift levers
  • 2 gas & brake full aluminum wheel-mounted levers + polished aluminum foot pedals
  • Metal axis + ball-bearing steering mechanism
  • New, strong, smooth and silent Force Feedback mechanism

PC Racing games which will boost demand for this dedicated accessory

  • F1 2002 by Electronic Arts
  • Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix 4 by Infogrames
  • Toca Race Driver by CodeMasters

Question 1: Why a Metal Axis? What Is The Ball-Bearing Mechnism ?

  • On a standard FFB wheel, the wheels axis is in plastic, which is of course not as solid and reliable in time as metal parts.
  • There is grease between the axis of the wheel and the base. With time passing and due to the use of the wheel, the grease dries up. A play appears between the axis and the base. The wheel looses a lot its precision, and the feeling gets worse and worse
  • The ball-bearing mechanism prevents the slightest play between the axis and the base of the wheel. It is simply based on the direction system used in your own car!!!

Question 2 : What is the “BACK-TO-CENTER” button?

This button is Thrustmaster exclusive : while all other wheels only propose to switch on or off ForceFeedback effects, without taking care of the “back to center”
function, Thrustmaster’s F1 FFB offers a complete choice :

  • Force Feedback + back to center (normal, realistic use)
  • No Force Feedback + back to center (competition use)
  • No Force Feedback + no back to center (“hard-core” use)
  • Force Feedback+ no back to center

Question 3 : What Is The New ForceFeeback Mechanism?

On a standard FFB wheel, the ForceFeedback mechanism is made with 2 plastic gears. The result is that the wheel is pretty noisy (sounds like a saw), and the effects are too sharp. Thrustmaster’s F1 FFB mechanism is based on a mixed gear and belt system which combines the strength that any racing fans expects from a modern FFB wheel and the smoothness and silence that no other product on the market is able to provide.

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