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'Lethal Skies Elite Pilot: Team SW' - Facts & Features

by Rainier on Sept. 19, 2002 @ 5:55 p.m. PDT

Global warming threatens life on earth. Frozen regions of Siberia have melted, submerging entire countries. As part of an elite group of pilots assembled by the World Alliance, your mission is to take out the World Order Reorganisation Front, an organisation that exploits natural disasters for its own benefit. THQ today announced an exclusive distribution agreement granting THQ rights to distribute Lethal Skies Elite Pilot: Team SW published by Sammy Europe Ltd.


  • Customisable gameplay: Select your mission and the number of sorties (1-4). While the types and number of loading equipment have a convenient default setting, they are also customisable. All briefings and information screens are available on demand
  • Easy-to-use interface: Adjust controls, modify equipment and access destination options, such as “to battleship”, “to helicopter” and “valley route” without being distracted from gameplay
  • Stunning graphics: Planes and environments are recreated with painstaking accuracy. Special effects are equally spectacular. Optional replays allow you to relive great manoeuvres or learn from fatal mistakes

As part of the agreement, Sammy will part-localise the games into English, German, French, Spanish and Italian languages. Lethal Skies is scheduled to release at the start of October 2002.

Lethal Skies is a futuristic flight-combat simulation featuring customisable, dynamic gameplay and an acclaimed easy-to-use interface. Boasting breathtakingly stunning graphics, Lethal Skies immerses the player in an action-packed world where the futures of entire countries are threatened by global warming. Playing as part of an elite group of pilots assembled by the World Alliance, the mission is to take out the enemy named the World Order Reorganisation Front.

Tim Walsh, Senior Vice President of International Publishing, THQ, commented, "Lethal Skies is an exciting addition to our product line-up, which helps extend our portfolio across all genres."

In response to the deal, Kazuhiro Takeshita, Director of Sammy Europe Ltd., said, "We are very excited to have our first PS2 title gain the benefit of THQ International's tremendous distribution power throughout major PAL territories. We look forward to a prosperous THQ/Sammy business relationship."

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