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UbiSoft Announces 'Batman Vengeance' For PC

by Rainier on Sept. 24, 2002 @ 1:33 a.m. PDT

Ubi Soft Entertainment announced today that it would be bringing the popular game Batman Vengeance to PC enthusiasts this fall. Now PC gamers can become the Dark Knight and follow a twisting, unpredictable plot through stylish environments based on the hit television animated series The New Batman Adventures. Not really much of a surprise since there was a demo available already a few weeks back, but now its official!

Batman Vengeance for the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube were each top-10 best sellers at their release, and the PC version is expected to perform just as well. Batman Vengeance on the PC was Ubi developed at the company's Montreal and New York studios and it features 3D-rendered Batman characters and environments for the first time. Additionally, the game uses cutting edge Dolby® Surround sound technology, adding to the immersive environment and making game fans feel like they are in the thick of the action.

Players Can:

  • Enjoy Action with a Vengeance : Become BATMAN with blistering martial arts combos, over 500 unique animated moves and a multi-functional cape with its own A.I.
  • Live as the Dark Knight : Explore, fight, sneak, decipher puzzles, pilot the Batplane, drive the Batmobile and battle in massive midair freefalls.
  • Utilize Sleek Weapons and Devices : Take down criminals with Batarangs, Batgrapples, flash bombs, remote charges, Batcuffs, the Batlauncher and more.
  • Live the Adventure : Over 40 minutes of rendered cinematics featuring the original voice cast of The New Batman Adventures

Batman Vengeance has a suggested retail price of $29.99.

About Batman Vengeance:

The gritty underworld of Gotham City ignites, as Batman becomes the target of a malevolent conspiracy. After The Joker plummets to his death in an attempt to kill Batman, Gotham's criminals explode in an intense crime wave. Batman uncovers subtle links that weave these seemingly unrelated crimes together, but he is forced underground after being framed for an attack on Police Commissioner Gordon. Hunted by both the police and his villainous enemies, the Dark Knight must pinpoint the shadowy enemy spinning this sinister web - before Gotham City falls to a flaming destruction.

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