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'Mercedes-Benz WorldRacing' (Xbox) Gets Musical

by Rainier on Sept. 26, 2002 @ 6:13 p.m. PDT

Are you a racing fanatic, a music enthusiast and ready for the ultimate driving challenge? If yes, then get ready, get set, to go, go, go as TDK Mediactive Europe, a leading entertainment software publisher announces today that its highly anticipated 3D racing-simulation game 'WorldRacing' for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft will feature unique soundtracks created by the Ministry of Sound.
The soundtracks which have been specially written and adapted for 'WorldRacing' were created by renowned London composer, producer, remixer and DJ Mike Koglin and feature a breakbeat track, 'Lap One' and a vocal trance 'Hear Me'.

'WorldRacing', which is being developed under license by Mercedes-Benz for Xbox is due for release across Europe in November 2002.

Tony Moss, Publishing Manager for the Ministry of Sound Publishing Ltd. said: "Ministry of Sound has been involved in a number of game soundtracks and as a record company recognise their importance as a global outlet for our music. Our artists are also particularly keen as most are keen gamers as well! We've seen the look of WorldRacing and the visuals look amazing. We're all looking forward to seeing how it is to play and are happy to be involved with a racing game of this calibre."

Heiko tom Felde, Director of TDK Mediactive Europe said: "TDK Mediactive is delighted to announce its cooperation with one of the leading and most prestigious musical institutions of the world. The soundtracks have been especially designed with the game's unique characteristics in mind and are a perfect partner, complimenting its sophisticated 'virtually' realistic graphics, enthralling missions and high-speed action."

He added: 'With synergy of cooperation between two of the leading companies in the games and music industries, WorldRacing is set to ignite the passions of racing and music enthusiasts alike."

'WorldRacing' features a revolutionary 3D Landscape Engine, which not only creates separate race tracks but facilitates the creation of kilometre long 3D sceneries allowing a 'virtually realistic' full driving experience on the race tracks and also off the road. The player can select his favourite model car from a nearly complete current range of cars from Mercedes-Benz. Each model is sculptured based on original data from Mercedes-Benz.

'WorldRacing' offers training missions, race and championship modes and also mission based play. Advanced technologies allow each driver to develop its own character and driving history to enable them to master and accomplish different skills and missions successfully.

Key features of 'WorldRacing' will include:

  • Revolutionary 3D Landscape Engine, which facilitates the creation of kilometre long scenery, topography and terrains including canyons, mountains, flowing rivers and weather effects, thereby offering a full and extensive range of landscape and climatic conditions from all over the world
  • Near Reality Simulation, adjustable driving physics with over 150 differing variables allowing the creation of a highly complex and realistic car-handling simulation or access to driving fun in arcade mode. Actual car damage is structured in real time and is also based on authentic original data from Mercedes-Benz
  • Full Emotion Driving Experience, permissible through the combination of excellent quality 3D graphics and realistic driving physics allowing a 'virtually realistic' full driving experience
  • Captivating Game Mission. Mission based play and advanced technologies will allow each driver to develop its own character and driving history to enable them to master and accomplish different skills and missions successfully
  • Genuine Car Designs. Comprehensive range of cars from Mercedes-Benz including current cars, vintage classics, prototypes and racing cars including 300 SL. Each car is sculptured using over 17,000 polygons from original data and offers over 120 car variations

'WorldRacing' is being developed by Synetic, G├╝tersloh, Germany.

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