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'Dino Island' & 'Micro Commandos' Are Shippping To Stores

by Rainier on Sept. 26, 2002 @ 8:29 p.m. PDT

Publisher Strategy First and Developer/Co-publisher Monte Cristo are happy to offer general admission to Dino Island¸ a Management Simulation title that will surely put Six Flags to shame. Strategy First and Monte Cristo also announced that Micro Commandos has shipped to retail stores nationwide today.

'Dino Island' opens for visitors!

“Dino Island is simply a great game,” says Steve Milburn, Director of Marketing for Strategy First. “Not only does it have the management elements for adults, but the dino lab gives kids the chance to get creative and build their own fun.”

"Create billions of different dinos to give your guests something they haven’t seen even in the latest movies!" says Jérôme Gastaldi, CEO for Monte Cristo

Dino Island puts gamers in charge of the world’s newest outdoor attraction, full of rides, games, shops, and some oversized reptiles, all with the goal of keeping the crowds coming in – and the big guys happy.

Similar to Zoo Tycoon with its theme park management aspects, Dino Island’s unique bonus is that gamers can play the mad scientist and mix and match different features to customize a park full of colossal dinos made from a base of 20 different species with 50 cool extras. And the fun doesn’t stop there! Dino Island features some of the funniest cut scenes to ever hit the PC market and the comical animated characters are sure to have both little and big kids roaring.

Dino Island will be exclusively distributed in North America by Infogrames.

'Micro Commandos are out to conquer the human race!

“This is a great game for those who love a challenge,” says Steve Milburn, Director of Marketing for Strategy First “This RTS will provide hours of gaming fun!”

"A popular theme in a great RTS game", says Jérôme Gastaldi, CEO for Monte Cristo. "Cheer on your small aliens, they need you!"

When it comes to conquering the human race, size does matter! Micro Commandos are tiny, little aliens that have big issues with the humans surrounding them. Stuck in a human basement, this mini military is trying to gain control of the Ultimate Weapon that will help them bring the entire planet to its knees. To do so, they will have to explore every corner of the house and look for essential resources (food, energy and furniture). They will also have to develop their own infrastructure and transportation from scratch. But conquering mankind is a big challenge, especially when you are 6 inches tall and another group of micro aliens and the full size family cat are standing in your way!

Micro Commandos features;

  • Real-Time Strategy fun on a large-scale.
  • Play two distinct races: Lizardians and Roughbacks.
  • Fight against two adverse races: Masoneries and Mindscreeds.
  • A tutorial with four missions.
  • One campaign including two chapters – 12 missions.
  • Cheer on your commandos: they need you! Name them, follow them through missions and define their inventory.
  • Construct buildings that will help them survive in our world: kitchen, food reserve, dormitory, incubator… keep out House Commandos: cats, spiders, rats, mice, etc.
  • Thirteen different ambiances: pizzeria, underground, museum, cabaret, school…
  • Three different jobs:
    • Collectors: they bring back resources from the world of the big.
    • Engineers: they build their village from scratch and drive their homemade vehicles.
    • Soldiers: they defend the village and confront enemies.

Infogrames will exclusively distribute Micro Commandos in North America.

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