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'Aquanox2 : Revelation' - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 28, 2002 @ 3:18 a.m. PDT

Today the Massive Development team, a part of the JoWooD group, will publish their first trailer for their action game AquaNox2: Revelation, scheduled for release in November. The trailer, which is just under three minutes long, shows impressions from all aspects of the game. And to top it off we have 20 fresh screens as well .. joy joy!

Get the High Res. Aquanox trailer off Worthplaying (2min53/14mb/wmv)

Get the Med. Res. Aquanox trailer off Worthplaying (2min53/8.5mb/wmv)

Get the Low Res. Aquanox trailer off Worthplaying (2min53/4.5mb/wmv)

A submarine glides majestically through the towering formations of impressive seascapes. It passes rock pillars several hundred metres high. Algae meadows and inhabited areas are left behind, and the debris of long-deserted bases gives an inkling of the transitory nature of human life underwater.
Suddenly the view changes, and we see the new cockpit and the story interface. We see stunningly rendered bases and rooms: dark, atmospheric, massive, of oppressive beauty. We are shown snatches of conversations with some of the characters– and then dive into battle!

This is the first appearance of loops and rolls as tactical manoeuvres of the player-controlled submarine. There are numerous and varied explosions and breath-taking lighting effects. The environment is reflected in the metal of weapon elements: the attentive observer can make out many small tell-tale signs of the upgraded krass engine(TM).

The trailer gives an extensive first glimpse of what is in store for all Aquarians and Aquarians-to-be from November.

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