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'UBO Homerun Tournament' - Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 2, 2003 @ 10:44 p.m. PST

Netamin Communication Corporation, a global pioneer in Massively Multiplayer Online Sports Games (MMOSG), has launched its latest Ultimate Baseball Online (UBO) mini-game, UBO Homerun Tournament. Players can swing for the fences by downloading the game, available now, read more for more detailed info and download links ...

A free seven-day trial of UBO Homerun Tournament (11mb)

European Link <--> USA Link

Get the HomeRun Tournament off the official site (11mb)

UBO Homerun Tournament is the second mini-game released by Netamin in order to help familiarize gamers with the forthcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Sports Game, Ultimate Baseball Online. The newest installment allows players to compete, going toe-to-toe with other sluggers, for the homerun championship crown.

“Hitting homeruns requires extraordinary eye-hand coordination and this game certainly tests your skills. I’ve hit home runs against the major league’s best, but now I get to test my skills against anyone on the Internet,” said Darrell Evans, 21-year Major League Veteran, All-Star and Netamin baseball consultant. “The online competition will let baseball fans everywhere in the world get in on the action.”

Gamers can log into the UBO Homerun Tournament clubhouse to, select difficulty level, join a competition or host one of their own. Up to four players can take turns stepping up to the plate in a virtual 3D stadium. Each slugger is given ten pitches and every ball is either knocked out of the park for a homerun or counted as an out. Live chat functions allow players to talk trash during the tournament or even in the clubhouse. All individual statistics are automatically tracked so players can check out their homerun hitting skills.

Also available on the UBO website is UBO Batting Zone, which showcases the individual batting aspect of Ultimate Baseball Online. Since the first mini-game launched, over ten thousand gamers have registered with the UBO site.

“We genuinely appreciate the huge response and support from fans who are awaiting the launch of UBO. With UBO Homerun Tournament, we hope to offer everyone a bigger glimpse into Ultimate Baseball Online,” said Andy Wang, CEO of Netamin. “UBO Homerun Tournament gives players the chance to check out the greatest feature of UBO, multiplayer online competition.”

The new game is also free for all existing UBO Batting Zone customers.

The final, massively multi player version of UBO will “throw out the first pitch” in early 2003.

About Ultimate Baseball Online

Ultimate Baseball Online is the first ever Massively Multiplayer Online Sports Game (MMOSG), allowing two teams to compete in a 3D virtual stadium. Each participant controls a player for a specific position on a team and gamers can build their athlete’s skills by practicing pitching, fielding or batting. The UBO universe will allow league play, pick up games and a farm system, just like the real life big leagues. The season begins in early 2003. For more information, please visit the official website.

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