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'Marble Blast' - Updated Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 6, 2003 @ 5:57 a.m. PST

Marble Blast, produced by GarageGames in cooperation with Monster Studios, is the first title to use the Torque Game Engine. The arcade-style action game has players racing against time as they navigate their marbles through moving platforms and dangerous hazards, collecting treasure along the way. A new updated demo is now available, read more for links where to grab it ...

Get the Marble Blast v1.3 demo off Worthplaying (9mb)

USA Link <--> European Link

The first title published using the Torque Game Engine, GarageGames robust 3D game engine based on the Tribes 2 technology, this arcade-style action game provides easy-to-access gameplay suitable for all ages. Set in a cartoon landscape, players race their marbles through moving platforms and dangerous hazards, collecting treasure along the way. A variety of power-ups are available to enhance players' abilities as they race to complete each course in record time.

Marble Blast helps beginning players master the game with a set of progressively more difficult training levels. "We designed the initial levels to gradually introduce the player to the marble control physics and use of the power ups," said Mark Frohnmayer, project lead on Marble Blast. Powerful fans, whirling tornadoes, and land mines are just a few of the dangers players must overcome, as well as pinball-style bumpers, narrow catwalks, and moving pistons.

To get past these obstacles, players can find and use five different ability-enhancing power-ups: Super Speed, Super Jump, Super Bounce, Shock Absorber, and Gyrocopter. Players can even roll up walls and upside down by using the Gravity Modifiers scattered throughout some of the more challenging levels.

Marble Blast will keep players entertained for weeks with seventy-two whimsical and interesting levels. Creative players can also use freely available tools to craft and share their own level designs. This title will be available online at the GarageGames community player site for $14.95.

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