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'Sniper: Path of Vengeance' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 8, 2003 @ 3:24 a.m. PST

Polish developers Mirage have just released a new update patch for their recently released first-person shooter "Sniper: Path of Vengeance" This upgrade brings your retail game to v2.33. Although it being a whopping 42.5mb in size there is no info available on what exactly it does fix/update (thanks 3DGamers). Read more for links where to grab the goods ...

Get the Sniper: Path of Vengeance v2.33 patch off Worthplaying (42.5mb)

USA Link <--> European Link

Somewhere in a dark, and evil city, crime and corruption have destroyed any normal way of life. One man walks the Path of Vengeance, carving a road to nowhere with his weapons blazing. He is the deadly hitman known only as The Sniper; feared by both lowly street thugs and lords of the underworld alike. Now a vicious crime war has erupted on the streets, and The Sniper is caught in the middle. Framed, drugged, and imprisoned, you must kill your way through the ranks of power to find the source of this war, and end your Path of Vengeance.

Sniper: Path of Vengeance by Mirage - retail v2.33 patch :

There are no details on the changes in this version

changes to ver 2.01 (Oct 18, 2002):

  • Game moved to Lithtech build 62+ (additional fixes provided by LithTech).
  • Sound problems fixed
  • no mp3 bug fixed
  • less memory requirements
  • No exiting to system inbetween levels
  • Quickload does not reload the same level, much faster.
  • Enemy AI improvements:
    • Enemies more aggressive
    • Enemies avoid strafing
    • Enemies shoot more and move to hide, dancing minimized
    • Enemies flee away when hurt badly (depends on enemy toughness)
    • Enemies do not reload weapons in plain sight, try to hide to reload.
  • Death screams heard at reasonable distances
  • "loading world data" screen appears correctly (no black nor pink screen).
  • Launcher has the possibility to skip intros now.
  • Characters' heads do not rotate when dead
  • Transition from intro to first prison OK.
  • Sprites and characters visibility detections rewritten - should be faster and more smooth now.

changes to ver 1.30 (Oct 10, 2002):

  • "no mp3 codecs" bug fixed, due to LithTech.
  • All of the action enemy spawners work now, previous fix was partial only.
  • Weapon experience cannot exceed 100% now.
  • funny character at the end of title bar removed.
  • in some cases enemy standing on comrade's dead body was invulnerable. fixed.

changes to ver. 1.25 (Sept 26, 2002):

  • Not crashing inbetween levels (used to happen on some configs).
  • Lack of proper vid codecs does not forbid the game to run.
  • avi's try to run on all the systems (instead of W2K and above)
  • Intelligence and dialogs run on all the configs
  • Menu: Invert mouse Y added
  • Menu: weapon bob on/off added
  • Menu: quick save new level added
  • Cop with bat does not act as a total idiot
  • InvertMouse deleted from autoexec.cfg, replaced with CInvertMouse
  • Pink loading screen removed
  • Toggle run carried inbetween levels and into save games as well
  • Mayor estate can be finished also when the mayor is dead.
  • Dropping items from inv much easier (drag&drop fixed)
  • Droping items from inv actually decreases their numbers.
  • Action enemy spawners work! Lots of action kicked in, that was already there.
  • Menu: sound menu added (music/speech/other sounds on and off)
  • Esc and keys typed by codes to work all over the world

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