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'Unreal Tournament 2003' - Community Bonus Pack Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2003 @ 12:17 p.m. PST

After 5 months of working on this great pack, the CBP team is proud to announce the arrival of CBP2003 map-pack (with approval from Epic Games ). A few of the Unreal community's best level designers got together to release a small pack of their best work to the community. As the time went on, the project grew into something far more significant, with more and more of the best Unreal talent out there joining the team. The map count went from a small handful to a fully-fledged professional-level bonus pack. Read more for download links ...

Get the UT2003 Communituy Pack Off Worthplaying (145mb)

Here is a list of the maps and the authors.

BR-CBP-Breaklimit by David Spalinski

CTF-CBP-Betrayal by Magnus Olin
CTF-CBP-Concentrate by Jan "Luggage" Kaluza
CTF-CBP-Ferris by Ed Duke Cox and Jay Harrison
CTF-CBP-TechDream by Spoondog

DM-CBP-Arkanos by Vorlon
DM-CBP-AugustNoon by Nick Donaldson
DM-CBP-BlackJackal by Jim Russell
DM-CBP-Downgrave by Sidney Rauchberger
DM-CBP-Elegance by Ed Duke Cox and Jay Harrison
DM-CBP-Emperor by Julien, Jay, Gui, Romain and Ed
DM-CBP-Finale by Gui
DM-CBP-GoldenDawn by MarkusW
DM-CBP-Ougaldwin by Romain Verdier
DM-CBP-Shifter by Sidney Rauchberger

DOM-CBP-Aphrodite by Tynan
DOM-CBP-Hathor by Andrew Beeken and Ed Duke Cox
DOM-CBP-Verde by David Spalinski

Also onboard is Rachel Cordone's AngelFire mutator pack.

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