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GarageGames Releases Torque Game Engine 1.2 Demo at IGC '03

by Rainier on Oct. 9, 2003 @ 11:01 p.m. PDT

GarageGames announced today has launched the official Demo of the Torque Game Engine version 1.2 on Windows, OS X and Linux. The Torque Game Engine (TGE) is a commercial quality AAA game engine available to Independent game developers (those making less than $500,000 annual income) at a special license price of $100. TGE is the game engine that powers Tribes 2 developed by Dynamix. TGE features the latest in scripting, geometry, particle effects, animation and texturing, as well as award winning multi-player networking code.

The 1.2 demo includes a full feature overview including details on terrain, interior, water and the mesh rendering engine features, Torque Script, GUI System & Editor and the award-winning Torque Networking layer. Also included is a walk through ‘Orc Town’ highlighting key Torque SDK features including sun lights, baked in shadows, interior spaces, skeletal animations, motion capture, soft shadows, levels of detail, object mounting, projectiles, explosions, light halos, weather, water and foliage replication. What is a great game engine demo without some game action included is a multiplayer FPS demo based on Realm Wars and a Multiplayer Offroad racing demo.

“With scope of the features and functionality of Torque really require this visual walk through to effectively communicate the built-in power of the engine,” said Rick Overman, GarageGames Co-founder and Director of Technology. “While helped build the engine and this demo, just watching it makes me want to build another game using Torque.”

“The depth of the engine is compelling before you even get into the newly documented source code included with in the license of Torque,” comments Tim Gift, Co-Founder of GarageGames, ”but the inspiration comes from seeing the amazing things that can be done with this tool in the hands of talented and creative game developers.”

Torque Game Engine Demo is available right here and demos of games build with Torque are available at Torque is available for commercial license at $10,000 per title (for companies making more than $500,000 annually) and can be purchased on line for $100 for independent game developers.

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