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Tron 2.0 - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 24, 2003 @ 4:38 p.m. PST

Buena Vista has released a new patch for Monolith's 3D cyberspace action game TRON 2.0. This upgrade brings your retail game to v1.042 and adresses a rendering bug, some memory leaks, and makes some cosmetic changes to the user interface (thanks 3DGamers). Read more for download links.

Get the Tron 2.0 v1.042 patch [FULL] off Worthplaying (52mb)

Get the Tron 2.0 v1.030 -> v1.042 patch Off Worthplaying (30mb)

TRON 2.0 by Monolith Productions - retail v1.042 full patch (WinXP-only)

This update (v1.042CXP) is a cumulative update. You must have MS Windows XP and the retail version of Tron 2.0 installed. If you are at all unsure about which version you are on, we suggest you install this update.

PLEASE NOTE: Saved games generated from previous versions will not work after this update has been applied.

To ensure the patch has been installed correctly, please check the game's opening menu screen. It should read v1.042. This update includes the fixes from the v1.030 and v1.040 updates, as well as the ones mentioned below.

Update v1.042CXP includes the following fixes and enhancements.

  • An upper body rendering error has been fixed (where the upper body on opponents would get skewed to a point in the middle of the screen or to a lower
    corner of the screen).
  • The score field for Derez, Team Derez and Light Cycles has been fixed.
  • Memory leaks occurring during level loads have been fixed.
  • A new error message has been added if the player tries to join a server but doesn't have the map that the server is running.
  • Dedicated server UI contains games types for Derez and Team Derez.
  • The player will now receive 10 build points each for completion of the level objectives in the Transport Station and Primary Digitizing levels.

Deathmatch update v1.040 (3 maps; WinXP-only)

Get digitized into TRON 2.0 with new multiplayer deathmatch gameplay. Battle up to 16 rogue "users" inside the system in explosive multiplayer combat. Defrag your hard drive from the inside with an arsenal of powerful digital weapons, including the deadly disc. Do you measure up to the benchmark, or will you be blown to bytes? This update adds Derez (deathmatch) and Team Derez game modes, as well as three multiplayer maps designed by Touchdown Entertainment. However, please note that previous single-player save games are not compatible with this update.

Tron 2.0 v1.030 Fixes

PLEASE NOTE: Save games generated from previous versions will not work after this update has been applied.

This update contains the following fixes:

  • Skipping the light cycle single player maps will no longer result in problems with energy transfer or sub-routine use.
  • The multiplayer exploit allowing players to access weapons other than the disc in Disc Arena and Disc Tournament is no longer possible.
  • Intel 865G integrated graphics chipsets are now accepted as a valid chipset by the game.
  • Disc Arena 2 contains some additional blockers preventing face-to- to-face combat in all arenas.

The Tron 2.0 Level Editor will enable you to create your own single and multiplayer maps, which you can share with your fellow users. You must have Tron 2.0 and the v1.030 update installed to use the level editor.

The Tron 2.0 Level Editor is provided "as-is," and is not officially supported by Monolith Productions, Touchdown Entertainment, or Buena Vista Interactive.
AN INSTALLATION OF THE GAME MODIFIED BY THE TOOLS CANNOT BE COVERED BY TECH SUPPORT. For community-based peer-to-peer support and discussion, visit the forums in

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