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GarageGames takes Core Games to MacWorld '04

by Rainier on Dec. 29, 2003 @ 10:58 p.m. PST

GarageGames announced today that it will unveil the preview, core release of Dark Horizons: Lore and the Mac Alpha release of GravRally at MacWorld January 6-9 in San Francisco. The two titles that beat out the competition in the Indie Games Con '03 Players Choice Awards will premiere at MacWorld as part of a first look of the exciting GarageGames line-up for 2004. Departing from the typical family based, non-violent lineup of GarageGames, these truly unique titles will appeal to both action gamers and race fans alike.

“The incredible response that Mac gamers have given our current lineup of games makes MacWorld the ideal place for us to roll out our upcoming game lineup,” comments Jay Moore, GarageGames Evangelist, “the enthusiasm of Mac players for our games has been huge and when you combine that with one of the most elegantly designed computing and entertainment platforms on the planet, its only natural you're going to want first run games designed and developed with the Mac OS X platform in mind.”

"We released an OSX version of Orbz 2.0 back in April 2003 and the response has been overwhelming,” says Justin Mette, President of 21-6 and Producer for GravRally, “the sales alone rival that of any other platform. Based on that fantastic experience, we have been developing GravRally for OSX from the beginning of the project. Our plan was always to give something back to the Mac Gamers and being able to play the game for the first time at Mac World is one way we’re doing just that.”

"Dark Horizons: Lore is being developed on a multi-platform approach,” explains Adrian Wright, President of Max Gaming Technologies (MGT), “and it has been very exciting for me and staffers to be able to develop a game that players from different platforms could all take part in. The reception we have had from the MAC OSX community has been overwhelming. Over 40% of our Beta applications came from the MAC community ­ a number that blew me away. During the beta process, the MAC contingent has been very enthused and incredibly patient as we get Lore’s bug issues for the MAC resolved. I say watch out Windows junkies, the MAC boys are coming to town, and they are piloting Mecha!”

About Dark Horizons: Lore by Max Gaming Technologies

Lore's fast paced action and richly textured universe will thrill even die hard Mecha fans. Players are thrust into a massive Cold War as three superpowers are fighting for ultimate control. Which faction will you side with? Build your clan, create alliances and join in on the ultimate in Mecha warfare. Customize your MAV for over-the-top destruction and then watch your opponent eat a missile. As you navigate the Dead Zone, Jump jets, homing missiles, rockets, plasma guns, laser cannon mounted on one of 6 playable MAV's are yours to control. Do you have what it takes to lead a revolution? The thrill of victory will be yours for the taking in Dark Horizons: Lore.

About GravRally by 21-6 Productions Inc.

Experience a career in the ultimate racing sport of the future - GravRally! Take control of the latest in anti-gravity technology as you race high-speed GravBikes through open environments such as the futuristic city of Metropolis Prime or the lush beaches of Ocean-Side Island. Engage the Magnetic GravMode to drive on vertical or even inverted surfaces providing a racing experience like no other! Earn game credits by competing in any of 10 different race modes including standard Checkpoint Racing, Capture the Gold, Greed, Reflex, Rabbit, Hunter, and more! Compete in either Solo or Online career modes complete with online rankings, racing teams, tournaments, and officially sponsored events.

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