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Combat Mission 2: Barbarossa to Berlin

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy

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'Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 11, 2003 @ 5:42 p.m. PST

Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin is a 1-2 player, hybrid turn-based/realtime 3D simulation of WWII tactical warfare on the Eastern Front from 1941 to 1945.

Get the Combat Mission 2 v1.02 patch off Worthplaying (9mb)

USA Link <--> Euro Link

Other Mirrors

Get the Combat Mission 2 v1.02 patch off (9mb)

Get the Combat Mission 2 v1.02 patch off GamersHell (9mb)


  • This v1.02 patch must be applied to a copy of the game that has ALREADY been patched to v1.01. It will not work on v1.0 which is the version that has been shipping on CD up until now. CD's received after February 2003 should already have version 1.02 pre-installed but please review the "WHAT VERSION OF CMBB DO I HAVE" section below to be certain.
  • You can find the v1.01 patch at


  • You can check the version # by running the game and looking at the lower right corner of the startup screen. The current version is listed there.


  • Games saved in v1.02 can't be loaded in by older versions. If you are playing others by email or TCP/IP, make sure you all upgrade to v1.02.

Transferring PBEM files from Version 1.0 or Version 1.01 to Version 1.02:

  1. In CMBB version 1.0 or version 1.01, load the pbem file. In an orders phase, save the pbem file as a saved game by clicking on the little "SAVE" button on the command bar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Exit the battle
  3. Repeat Step 1 for all pbem files you wish to convert.
  4. Install the 1.02 patch
  5. Open CMBB Version 1.02
  6. Open the saved game file from step 1.
  7. Choose Email as the startup option for the saved game.
  8. Place your orders as you normally would in a PBEM, and press "GO"
  9. Congratulations! You have now converted your pbem file.
  10. . Repeat as necessary.

Once the file has been converted to version 1.02, it cannot be reopened in version 1.0 or version 1.01.

v1.02 changes


  • Support weapons are less likely to switch to "sneak" movement when coming under only modest incoming fire.
  • "Follow Vehicle" command does not apply to bunkers (there's no need for it).
  • Quick Battles are more likely to have snow on the ground in winter.
  • The Parameters Briefing for Quick Battles shows what Troop Quality options were selected.
  • Bog frequency reduced for heavier vehicles.
  • Previously the QB autopurchaser would strip out ordnance from TO&Es when the force was attacking (or in a meeting engagement). This no longer happens.
  • TacAI: Vehicles that 'retreat' from a threat will cancel any area fire they have planned.
  • Quick Battle has a new Force Mix type called Pure Armor, in which *only* armor may be purchased.
  • Battles saved as Tournaments will automatically be played using Extreme Fog of War.


  • New: Pz 38(t) E, BT-2, SPW 250/11, Valentine III, StuG IV (early and late), German 28mm sPzB 41 antitank gun
  • Updated: Tiger I (early, mid, and late), M3 Scout Car, PSW 234/1, Puma, PSW 234/3, SPW 250/1 (old), Churchill, Russian 76.2mm M1927/39 Regimental Gun


  • Corrected problems with units becoming excessively exhausted such that recovery took too long.
  • Ordnance is far less likely to fire a shot just over the top of nearby intervening terrain, only to see it impact into the top of that terrain.
  • Ampulomets are properly textured.
  • Quick-battle ammo depletion setting works correctly for computer-purchased forces.
  • PBEM file sizes are much smaller when ski troops are involved.
  • Antiaircraft fire is somewhat reduced in effectiveness, and aircraft which are damaged are more likely to retreat before being shot down.
  • When units follow a vehicle that is a sound contact the game will not inadvertently indicate the vehicle's true position.
  • Units score points normally when they exit the map as passengers on a vehicle.
  • Black command lines won't be drawn to HQs that have been captured.
  • Artillery "Reset Target" command remembers whether you were firing HE or smoke.
  • Infantry units won't "run in place" underneath a rotating vehicle they're supposed to embark upon. They'll wait for the vehicle to finish rotating.
  • The presence of enemy foxholes won't be given away by the cursor display when you move the mouse around, attempting to place a unit in the setup phase.
  • If a vehicle or pillbox/bunker takes a hit and suffers more than 1 casualty the word "casualties" is shown properly, not garbage text.
  • Option to show all covered arcs (shift-X) is remembered from game to game.
  • Airplane bombs have a more realistic (smaller) effect radius against upright infantry targets.
  • Corrected a small misregistration problem between the cross-shaped road-junction graphic and the underlying representation.
  • MG Carriers properly rotate in order to engage targets with the MG.
  • Tanks whose crews are bailing out will continue to "influence" victory flags until the tank is fully abandoned or knocked out, so as not to give away the fact that the tank is knocked out by having the flag switch colors too soon.
  • Units firing small arms won't harm *themselves* at night, though they can still potentially harm other friendly units.
  • (French version) Exit zone graphics are corrected.


  • Soviet 122mm APBC becomes available February 1945.
  • T-34, SU-85, SU-122 lower front hull slope is 53 degrees.
  • KV-I series (except KV-IS) lower front hull slope is 30 degrees.
  • SU-85, SU-100, SU-122 upper hull side slope is 20 degrees.
  • Various small changes to armor on IS-2 series.
  • ZIS-3 gun is L/42. Muzzle velocities are not changed.
  • Soviet 82mm M-8 and 132mm M-13 rockets first available July 1941.
  • German 214mm rockets first available February 1943.
  • German 50mm mortar minimum range decreased to 60m.
  • Early StuG IV has a top-mounted MG.
  • Nimrod has 6 crew and carries a greater proportion of anti-tank ammunition.
  • Zrinyi is called Zrinyi II (there is no Zrinyi I in the game, which was only a prototype). It carries HEAT ammunition. Front armor increased to 75mm, side armor reduced to 25mm.
  • Hungarian 40mm AT gun, and 20mm cannon mounted in Toldi I and Csaba armored car are single-shot weapons.
  • Main gun and MG ammo loads increased for Toldi IIA and Toldi III.
  • Hungarian 40mm AP ammo on or after April 1943 is better than the type used earlier.
  • Turan I and II side armor is 25mm.
  • Csaba AC side and rear armor is 9mm.
  • Hungarians may use captured Soviet 45mm and 76mm guns.
  • Hungarian tank hunters are more likely to have panzerfausts starting May 1944.
  • Hungarian Tiger is available through September 1944.
  • Hungarian Panther is available from September 1944 through February 1945.
  • Hungarian 47mm AT gun is rarer starting in February 1943.
  • Hungary uses the Pz IIIM not the early Pz IIIJ.
  • Hungarian 50mm mortar data adjusted slightly.
  • Hungarian 81mm mortar minimum range increased to 75m.
  • Various small changes to Hungarian vehicle rarity values in 1944-45.


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