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Europa Universalis II

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Paradox
Developer: Paradox Interactive
Release Date: Dec. 11, 2001

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'Europa Universalis II' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 5, 2003 @ 4:13 p.m. PST

Europa Universalis II is a grand strategy games that invites you to a global struggle for supremacy from the dark times of Jeanne D'Arc to the flaming wars of Napoleon.

Get the NA 'Europa Universalis II' v1.06 off Worthplaying (15.7mb)

USA Link <--> European Link

Get the UK 'Europa Universalis II' v1.06 off Worthplaying (15.7mb)

USA Link <--> European Link

Other Mirrors

Get the North American 'Europa Universalis II' 1.06 off Strategy First (15.7mb)

Changes done to 1.06

Features & GameBalance

- The peace system have been completely rewritten to allow better negotiations between alliances.
- The New Monarch message is now shown for each country.
- The primary culture for a nation will now be its capitals culture if no cultures are listed.
- Rounding problems in investment calculations should no longer occurr. All fractions will be added to treasury.
- Research investments are now shown in ledger as expenses.
- In a province is converted to the state religion, any missionary in that province is cancelled.
- When your country can vassalize another country in an event, this is no more displayed as "Gain a Royal Marriage with X" but as "Gain X as vassals."
- Stolen rutters has been corrected: now you gain the knowledge of up to ADM + 5 see or coastal provinces adjacent to those you already know, and the message box is shown only if at least one new province is known.
- The AI learned to no longer stack huge armies at coast waiting for transports.
- Breaches are now reset properly when a siege starts.
- Starving of garrison from sieges now work as originally intended, so a fort can be starved into submission.
- Prices of Cloth, Cotton, Fur, Ivory, Chinaware, Spices & tea increased
- Prices of Sugar and Tobacco dropped.
- Conscription Centers are now the same price as shipyards.
- You can now build conscription centers in all your provinces.
- Manufactories are now slightly more expensive when you build many.
- The manpower effects from the quantity/quality slider is now half of the previous.
- The bonus to leader stats now come earlier than the last step of the off/def and quan/qual sliders.
- The penalty cost of having more than maximum supported units have been tripled.
- A bug which caused the extra penalty of artillery to be 10x as high was fixed.
- Default maintenance costs for troops doubled.
- The highest fortlevels now have incredibly high costs.
- Domestic policy settings were tweaked for a lot of nations.
- Confucianism downgraded slightly.
- +3 stability no longer gives +25 income, but just +20% income.
- Early trade income is now much lower.
- Morale bonus for shia moslems have been decreased.
- Some balances to make reformed less superior were done.
- Fixed some problems with Turkish, Chinese and Japan level 1 unit artwork.
- Added in some Portugese and Venetian 18th century artwork for units.
- Random revolts can now come in non-national provinces too.
- Stability effects from the Serfdom slider is now half as big.
- Conscription centers now only doubles the manpower.
- Upgrading mayors now costs 100$ and takes 2 years.
- You can no longer construct conscript centers in your colonies.
- Gold will now affect your inflation if its above 25% of your income instead of 33%.
- Warexhaustion is no longer magically cleared when at peace.
- Fixed the siege attrition problems.
- Economical resources (monthly income) now affects how many troops you are able to support.
- Estimated monthly income is now saved properly in savegames, so calculations should be more accurate when restarting games.
- Added in MKJ's ai files into the official version.
- Added a new trigger to the event system: ai = yes/no
- Added a new trigger to the event system: flag = flagkey
- Added two new commands to the eventsystem: "type = setflag which = keyname" and "type = clrflag which = keyname"
- Added a new command to the eventsystem, "ai =" to load a new file for the ai.
- You can now set the name "AI_EVENT" in an event to make it not appear in the text-log.
- Ai preferencess are now saved inside the savegame files.
- You can do define "flags" in the ai-preference files, which can be set on and off from events, and triggered upon.
- Maintenance costs for units are no longer affected by slider positions in domestic policies.
- The 'core' event-trigger is now working as it should.
- The 'provinceculture' event command now only works on owned provinces.
- The 'relation' event-trigger will no longer be true if you have no contact with that nation.
- 'Province' events should now fire to the correct target, and not just for the player.
- Trade efficiency above 100% should now look correctly on the tooltip.
- Nations annexed should no longer have any relations left with any other nations.
- Income from production can no longer be negative.

General Bugfixes

- Religious tolerance for pagan religion are now set correctly when loading a game.
- The Centralisation modifier to Production Efficiency is now correct.
- Random manufactories won't appear in provinces with a manufactory under development anymore.
- Naval attrition due to time at sea does not apply after naval tech 41 anymore, as stated in the naval tech documentation.
- Newly arrived units to a province will now join all combats properly, and not just stand watch.
- Fixed the province and modddir bug.
- Removed the debris artwork in various rivers, where it misformed the map.
- Moddir should now be correct for loadgame/savegame dialogs.
- A more accurate income estimation is now done at the start of a game.
- Unitcosts tooltips at military screens should now be correct.
- The technology databases should now work properly with the moddir.
- The mp3 files should now work properly with the moddir.

Multiplayer and Stability fixes

- Fixed an interface ctd.
- Fixed a lategame rare ctd.
- Fixed some problems which would cause crashes when trying to chat in MP.
- CB's should now be granted for tordesillas provinces taken, on all machines in MP.
- Another CTD was fixed.
- Fixed a serious bug which caused the game to crash alot for clients in MP if a frame update came in the middle of combat initialisation.
- Fixed a CTD with the Burgundian heritance event.
- Fixed a serious CTD when exiting the game.

Scenario & Event Fixes.

- Mecklenburg got its known provinces fixed in the 1617 scenario.
- SWE event 3225 was always giving you Johan III as monarch no matter what options you chose.
- Bugzilla event bugs 2111, 2323, 2324, 2325, 2343, 2344, 2345 and 2326 fixed.
- Bosnia event #3873 had an error, instead of affecting province #364 (Bosnia) it affected province #36 (Honduras)
- Fix to Treaty of Arras event to stop BUR siding with ENG or FRA while at war with them.
- Corrections to the inheritance of Hungary & League of Augsburg.
- Changed date of POL 3466 event from 15xx to 14xx, which lines up with the history text and other related events.
- Added trigger for existence of Manchu to CHI event 10026, inheritance of CHI by MCH.
- Add #659 to CHI national provinces as per other scenarios.
- Added Gaelic to ENG cultures for 1795 & 1773.
- TUR event 3387: added exists = PER trigger
- SPA event 3167: removed random culture changes
- Corrected event 3638 - shoudl be -150 rel with TUR.
- Altered great hunt event to alternate + and - ralations lines so if the same nation randomly comes up several times (as people claim it does) and relations are maxed out at 200 already they won't just get the minuses.
- Eng event 3051 - remove anglosaxon culture from a Quebecois province
- Fixed Holy League event for all nations - Changed Relations TUR to -150 instead of +150
- Fixed start date of Henri IV
- Fixed PAP and HUN relations in Knights of St. John event 3535
- Fixed SCO events 3075 and 3085 - both had duplicate action_a lines.
- Fixed Polish succession - added sleepmonarch lines to options _b and _c.
- Several countries added as selectable nations in the GC
- Fixed event 3122 option C - bad syntax, reversed.
- Added province ownership trigger for Taj Mahal event
- Changed duplicate deathdate of Mos monarch 05173 to startdate as it should be.
- Fixed syntax of random event 1021
- Changed name of file from leaders.tus to leaders.tos to match correct nation tag.
- Removed duplicate Bra/Pru leaders
- Removed self-referential trigger for Holy League event
- Brought forward start date for duplicate PRU/BRA leaders Friedrich I and von Dessau so they don't overlap.
- Oskosh changed to be inland province, as consistent with its other internal values.
- Event for KOL was in major_col.txt.
- Corrected population and fortresses for 3 provinces in
- Remove ART from Army Enthus and replace by CAV, to prevent pre-ART nations getting some ART when they shouldn't.
- Further change to Enthusiam for the Army - now it's just infantry, no-one can agrue with that!
- Alpha-sorted events.txt list
- Fix FRA event 3114 syntax, reduce duration and increase extra MIL value
- Update to Brabant's monarchs and add trigger to related Burgundy event
- Changed three more provinces to be Inland as they should be
- Updated moscovy events and monarchs as per very long thread recently in bug forum!
- Gave event 3900 eventname 3806 - as it is missing all 3900 text in text.csv.
- Removed KHM from revolters and fixed up duplicate Spanish leader
- Switched Lorraine's cultures around so French is listed first, so that any of its colonies become French.
- Modified de Rais event and leader so the leader disappears if he is executed.
- Correct Bosnian event to affect Bosnia not Honduras
- Added Ingermanland as National province of MOS and RUS.
- Fixed the start date of Ulaszlo (Hungary) so he appeared properly.
- Fixed some events in Lorraine, so leaders are always slept when they should.
- Changed the status of some lakes who were previously sea zones in Russia.
- Fixed some reported problems with French and Scottish events.
- The Timurids now have the same knowledge in 1492, as in 1419.
- The Timurids now have a slightly smaller army in 1492.
- Russian and Ottoman armies in 1492 have been decreased somewhat, to not cripple the nations.
- Aden no longer have a gigantic 60K army in 1492.
- Moved around some spanish units, and removed some unnecessary cb's for Spain.
- Mexican provinces now have a lot lower populations after the Spanish conquests.
- Several spanish leaders have been upgraded and fixed.
- Several problems with the Spanish events were fixed.
- Fixed a small bug in the Turkish ai file where it said SEI instead of SIE.
- Economical techs in 1492 decreased down to reasonable levels for the most advanced nations.
- Burgundy will now try to conquer Flanders and Holland if they exist.
- Habsburg inheritance of Bohemia is now the default choice of that event.
- Fixed the Chinese event regarding Cheng He’s travels. Now the third option, outward expansion gives the better techgroup, not the inward turning option.
- Changed the event in which the Knights get Malta to also move their capital to Malta. That way the Turks can still take Rhodos whereas now they must take Malta before they can take Rhodos.
- The Khalifa event was tweaked.
- The french wars of religion are now much more severe.
- Tweaked the end of the hundred years war.
- England now gets cb shields on Scotland in the Act of Union event.
- The expelling of the moors events have been tweaked.
- It is now much harder for England to avoid the American Revolution.
- Changed the Spanish colonial decision event near 1800 that is supposed to break up the Spanish American empire.
- Spanish bankruptcy events are now much harsher.
- Removed afghani culture from 1419 Timurids.
- IF the papal states revolt back into existence they will be catholic.
- French claims in Italy weakened event fixed so it now happens on a correct date.
- Removed knowledge of Gander from Norway in 1419 as it isn’t accurate and caused weird early American colonisation.
- Fixed sleep/wake monarchs for Bohemia, England, France, Scotland and Hungary.
- Dutch revolt events have been overhauled completely.
- Burgundys starting BB is now much lower.
- Removed the CB shields of Castille on Aragon, they now get them when they inherit Aragon. Aragon gets them on Castille if it inherits it. Becoming Spain makes it lose the Italian state culture though, shift in power and all. The CB shield on Navarra is received when becoming Spain.
- Fixed some problems with the irish revolts.
- Venice and Genoa will no longer colonise like mad.'
- Spanish succession will no longer make Spain a vassal.
- Tweaked some random events to check further on domestic settings.
- Sydney should now be correct in the 1795 scenario.
- CB's for Teutonic Order is now the same in both 1492 and 1419.
- Populations of Kola, Ingermanland and Archangelsk have been tweaked up in 1492.
- The effects of Edict of Restitution is now presetn in the 1700, 1773 and 1795 scenarios.
- Bearn should now be set to correct religion and culture in various scenarios.
- Habsburg now always have the cb on Istria as it had in some scenarios.
- All nations will now recieve random events.
- Fixed Brandenburg cb shields in 1492 and 1617.
- The 'Inheritance of Brandeburg' Event now includes Danzig.
- The Golden Horde's known provinces are now a little bit more logical, and they are aware of Kiev and Moscow.
- CB shields and known provinced for Turkey corrected in 1492.
- The "Move Capital to St:Petersburg" have no longer happened at the start of the 1700 scenario.
- AI is now better at avoiding bankrupcty.
- The "French claims in Italy weakened" event should now be triggered.
- "Bavarian influence in Cologne" now affects Köln and not Colombia.
- The desertions in a few hungarian events should now be correct.
- The english events "The Muscowy Trade Company" and "The Merchant Adventures" now gives a random explorer as originally intended.
- Punjab should now be playable in the 1773 and 1795 scenarios.
- Arabia now got their population corrected in 1492.

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