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'Jurassic Park Operation Genesis' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 6, 2003 @ 2:21 p.m. PST

Developed by leading Australian team Blue Tongue Software, Jurassic Park :Operation Genesis offers two very distinct game styles, giving the player the opportunity to run and maintain their own dinosaur theme park and also challenging them to run the gauntlet through 12 missions where the park attractions have broken loose and are running wild. Blue Tongue Software and Universal Interactive have released a demo for the PC version of Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, giving people a taste of this upcoming park sim-action game that's due out in mid-March for the PC, Xbox and Playstation 2. Read more for download links.

Get the Jurassic Park Operation Genesis demo off Worthplaying (80mb)

USA Links <--> USA Link 2 <--> European Links

Other Mirrors

Get the Jurassic Park Operation Genesis demo off Sierra (80mb)

Get the Jurassic Park Operation Genesis demo off 3DGamers (80mb)

Get the Jurassic Park Operation Genesis demo off Gamershell (80mb)

This demo version of "Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis" provides you with both missions and open ended sim gameplay. "Welcome to Jurassic Park" provides a brief overview of the basic controls and gives you a glimpse of the kind of park that you can create in the full simulation. "When Carnivores Attack" is a ranger action mission where you can practice your shooting skills by targeting rampaging carnivores. [TIP: If you run out of ammunition, fly back to the Ranger Station for a relaod.] "Danger Club Photo Safari" is a photo safari mission where your job is to drive out into Jurassic Park and take photos of dangerous carnivores. [TIP: Taking multiple photos of the same dinosaur will reduce the points value of your images.] Site B is where we give you access to your own private dinosaur park: no visitors allowed!

This mode provides a small taste of the full Jurassic Park simulation. We have provided you with the DNA for three dinosaur species: Gallimimus, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus. Build hatcheries to create these dinosaurs. Release them onto your island and watch them interact. Find out more about these Dinosaurs and the full game of "Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis" by reading the
Jurassic Park Dinopedia which is a part of this demo. Please enjoy.

Ranger Helicopter Controls

Fly Mode

W, A, S, D, or Arrows Fly Helicopter
Mouse Movement Steer Helicopter
LMB Shoot Mode
RMB Utility Mode
L Land at Ranger Station [for fresh ammo]
ESC Back

Shoot Mode

Mouse Movement Aim
1,2,3,4 Cycle Shoot Modes
Mouse Wheel Scroll Cycle Shoot Modes
LMB Shoot
RMB Zoom
ESC Back

Utility Mode

W, A, S, D, or Arrows Fly Helicopter
Mouse Movement Steer Helicopter
5,6,7,8 Cycle Utility Modes
Mouse Wheel Scroll Cycle Shoot Modes
LMB Perform Utility Operation
ESC Back

Land Cruiser Controls

Drive Mode

W, A, S, D, or Arrows Drive Land Cruiser
LMB Photo Mode
RMB Horn
ESC Back

Photo Mode

Mouse Movement Aim Camera
W/S or Up/Down Arrows Zoom Camera
Mouse Wheel Scroll Zoom Camera
LMB Take Photo
RMB Drive Mode
ESC Back


It is important that you make sure your monitor supports the game
resolution you have chosen to play in. To check what resolutions your monitor supports, do the following:
1. Open up My Computer
2. Double-click on Control Panel
3. Find the Display icon and open it.
4. Choose the Settings tab.
5. Locate the resolution pointer in the Desktop Area box and drag it to the far right.

The resolution choice shown is the maximum resolution your monitor is
capable of displaying. If you do not want to change to this resolution now, select Cancel. Your Desktop Area should be set to the game resolution you are trying to play in or higher.
NOTE: Please make sure your monitor type is properly specified to
insure correct reporting of available video resolutions.


While some of the video options can be configured from within the game, "Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis" also provides a separate application for configuring the video options. Some of the options can only be set from the setup application. This application is also useful for situations where the video options have been set to invalid values that prevent the game from starting up correctly.

(There are also options that can only be set from the options screen within the game.)

The "Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Demo Setup" application can be started from the start menu. A shortcut to the application is created when the game is installed.

Click the "?" button in the setup application for descriptions of all the different settings. This help file also lists some recommended settings for use with common configurations.


Most modern video cards released towards the end of 2001 and during 2002 will run "Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis" well.

Recommended chipsets are:
nVidia GeForce3
ATI Radeon 8500/9700


Before answering questions, please make sure the latest video and sound card drivers for you operating system have been installed.

Q1: My graphics are running slowly.

A1: Try reducing the resolution to 640x480. Try reducing the color bit-depth in the in-game options screen to 16bit. Also try reducing the texture-depth to 16bit. If this doesn't help enough try reducing the texture quality. If this STILL isn't helping enough start reducing the terrain/particle/surface. This should definitely make a big difference.

Q2: I have changed the graphics settings, but I'm still having problems with the game running slow. What now?

A2: Make sure that you have no other applications running when you run "Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Demo". If you have virus protection software running, it may be performing file checking as "Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Demo" reads files. This can lead to performance loss. Please refer to your virus protection help for more information.

Q3: I am using a GeForce3 and am getting some textures flickering. What should I do?

A3: Please install the latest drivers for the video card. Please use version 40.72 (11/11/2002) or later.

Q4: I am using an ATI Radeon 9700, and the game is crashing on start up. What should I do?

A4: Please install the latest drivers for the video card. Please use version (11/2/2002) or later.

Q5: I am using a Matrox Parhelia and there are missing polygons in the terrain and sky. What should I do?

A5: Please install the latest drivers for the video card. Please use version or later.

6. Known Driver Issues:

Hardware: Nvidia NFORCE Motherboards
Issue: Sound corruption; Intermittant crashes
Version fail: Nforce-105-release or earlier
Recommended: Nforce-win2k_2.00
Comments: There are some known issues using the Nforce motherboard with driver versions 105 or earlier under Win 2K. This isssues include sound corruption after an hours gameplay, and the possibilty of intermittant crashes which may hard lock a PC. These problems appear to be solved when using version 2.00. At the time this was written version 2.00 were the latest drivers available, no knowledge of newer drivers, or their performance was available.


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