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'MoH:AA Spearhead' - Dedicated Linux Server Available NOW

by Rainier on March 16, 2003 @ 8:04 p.m. PST

Icculus has issued another updated dedicated Linux server for MoH: Allied Assault Spearhead, allowing Linux PCs to host multiplayer games for v2.15 of the World War II FPS expansion by EA. This is still in beta stage (v4) so not the final product and the developers encourage email support! Read more for details & download links ..

Get the 'MoH: AA Linux Server (beta 4) off Worthplaying (2mb)

USA Link1 <--> USA Link2 <--> European Links

Other Mirrors

Get the 'MoH: AA Linux Server (beta 3)' off 3DGamers (2mb)


This is BETA quality code.

Run this code at your own risk. It is NOT production quality yet. Do not put it on servers that need extreme uptime. That being said, your feedback is most appreciated. Please get on the mailing list, and submit bugs to Bugzilla. Bugs sent directly to my inbox are deleted without being read. You Have Been Warned.

This binary will refuse to run in about 30 days, but there will be updates (and hopefully an official, non-expiring version) before then.

To use this:

1) Install Medal of Honor: Allied Assult on a Win32 system.
2) Install the Spearhead expansion pack. This will patch win32 MOHAA up to 1.11 and add the spearhead files, too.
3) Patch Spearhead up to the latest version (2.15 at the time of this writing)
4) Copy the installed game to a Linux box.

(Suggestions on how to do this without Windows are welcome.)

5) Copy the Linux binaries to that Linux box, so that the "spearhead_lnxded" binary is in the same directory as the "main" subdir, and the *.so files are in "mainta". Please note that this is different than the layout of the original MOHAA Linux server. Do not put the spearhead_lnxded binary in the "mainta" subdir! Theoretically, an Allied Assault and Spearhead server can both run out of the same tree without clashing, but this has not been tested (reports of success and failure are welcome).

6) Run the server. It doesn't have to be run as root, and it doesn't need to be run from the same directory you installed it in (spearhead will figure out the correct fs_basedir from where the binary is located). You can punch in commands at the console, or +exec a script or whatnot like other Q3 games. To get running, you'll need to at least do something like:

g_gametype 1
map dm/mohdm1

There are a LOT of options! Please check out GameAdmins' excellent example configs for Medal of Honor:

7) Subscribe to the mailing list: to do so, send a blank email to ... discussion of server problems will occur there, so it will be in your best interest to subscribe.

Mailing list archives (which include discussions about the original Allied Assault server that are still relevant) are here:

8) Bug reports go to ... there is a Medal of Honor component in the bugtracking system. This is ONLY for bug reports and requests on the Linux version! Win32 bugs will be marked "invalid"!

9) Mail sent to my inbox will be deleted. Please ask questions (even the basic ones) on the public mailing list.

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