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Purge Online

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'Purge Online' - Class Guide ::Commando::

by Rainier on March 30, 2003 @ 11:21 p.m. PST

Class Guide
Author: Roy Smart


Just like any other class, the Commando is a very important part of the team. He is an excellent scout, a strong sniper, and provides an important addition to defense.

Playing the Commando as a Sniper

Dexterity: Excellent
Energy: Low
Tenacity: Low
Agility: Very Good
Intelligence: Low
Life: Low
Strength: Low

The Commando is equipped with the Gauss Rifle, a high-powered sniper rifle. When zoomed in, this sniper rifle is excellent to take out unsuspecting enemies (as is any good sniper rifle). With the Gauss Rifle it is easy to take down an opponent when they are heading towards or away from you, or standing still, it is more difficult to hit an opponent who is running sideways or strafing back and forth (however, it can be done without that much trouble). Certain maps will provide better sniping spots, depending on where you are. Since you have such high Agility, you can easily run from sniping spot to sniping spot to confuse your enemy and get better angles on your target. Also, use your high run speed to keep a distance between yourself and enemies especially Fighters. You may want to have an Android build you an Ion Barrier, but just remember it will give away your location.

Playing the Commando as a Scout

Dexterity: Low
Energy: Very Good
Tenacity: Low
Agility: Low
Intelligence: Excellent
Life: Low
Strength: Low

The Commando is a very important member of the defensive force; he is equipped and trained in the use of the RADAR, which will display enemy names above their head, in a similar manner in which allied players names are shown. The RADAR will allow all allies within 83.3 - 416.6 feet (25.4m - 127m) to see the enemies name, and position. The distance the RADAR transmits is determined by the Commando's skill level, but the RADAR will pickup virtually all allies, regardless of their sneak tactics. The RADAR is especially useful when dealing with invisible opponents (Invisibility Runes provided by the Assassin). With this high Intelligence setup, you can also build CriticalShot Implant, which can give your teammates a huge advantage in damage. If this is combined with the Cyborg's SureShot Implant, the receipt will be killing machine.

Playing the Commando as a trapper

Dexterity: Low
Energy: Low
Tenacity: Low
Agility: Fair
Intelligence: Low
Life: Good
Strength: Excellent

The Commando is equipped with and trained to arm proximity mines. These mines are useful to place in choke points, such as narrow hallways leading to opposing portals. These mines can be attached to walls, and other objects (such as crates), and will explode when someone enters the mines sensory radius (12.5 feet or 3.81m), the mine will detect whether the intrusion is allied, or enemy, it will not detonate from an ally, however if the enemy is detected, it will explode. A strategy I like, is to on maps with up/down lifts right next to each other, with walls around them is to go down the down, and get up against the wall, and stick a few mines to the side, then get in the up and do the same, then you can head back to set more up in other places on the way to your base.

Commando General Strategies

The most important thing to remember for the Commando is always, always, always have your CriticalShot activated. This is your primary skill. It will upgrade damage of ranged weapons impacts to the torso and abdomen to critical hits. Thus a body shot is upgraded to a headshot. This effectively gives you double damage on most attacks. Critical hits (whether from a headshot or CriticalShot upgrade) can be neutralized back to normal damage if the target has high Tenacity.

When your placing mines, remember they are highly visible. Always place them in hidden spots. In outdoor areas, try placing them behind rocks, trees, or in dense foliage. The traps are the most deadly indoors. In those area place they around the corner of walls, on the hidden side of ladders, or along entrance where they can't be spotting by incoming opponents. Don't place them in spots that will likely receive explosion, like in the middle of choke points, because the explosion will set off the mine.

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