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Europa Universalis II

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Paradox
Developer: Paradox Interactive
Release Date: Dec. 11, 2001

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'Europa Universalis II' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on March 31, 2003 @ 1:04 p.m. PST

Europa Universalis II is a grand strategy games that invites you to a global struggle for supremacy from the dark times of Jeanne D'Arc to the flaming wars of Napoleon.

Get the Europa Universalis II v1.07 NA Patch off Worthplaying (17mb)

USA Link 1 <--> USA Link 2 <--> European Link

Get the Europa Universalis II v1.07 UK Patch off Worthplaying (5mb)

USA Link 1 <--> USA Link 2 <--> European Link

Changes done to 1.07

Gamebalancing and Features

- Only cities and colonial cities are now needed to control for total victory in wars.
- Economical resources now affects how much ships you can have.
- The exploit of clicking back and forth to force interception is no longer possible.
- Placing privateers now only have a 10% chance of increasing badboy, however, all nations nearby get a CB for 3 months.
- Offensive/Defensive slider now affects prices of fortresses.
- Fire and shock bonuses to a leader have no effect when assaulting a fortress.
- There is now actually a -1 penalty to dierolls when attacking across rivers or when landing from ships.
- Each trade agreement you have now reduces trade efficiency with 1%.
- Only innovative nations get free manufactories now.
- Only naval nations get random explorers now.
- Reformed religion tweaked down slightly.
- Large fortresses now need a much larger revoltrisk to be automatically lost to rebels.
- Conscription Centers should now be buildable on the same continent as capital, even outside europe.
- Diplomatic offers will now stay on screen for maximum of 2 months until they auto-cancel, all to avoid "refuse to answer peace" exploits.
- You can no longer have fortresses bigger than the base income tax of the province. ie, one with base 3, hold a maximum of level 3 fortress.
- True Badboy wars now work at Very Hard in MP too. (Exactly the same as SP works.)
- All countries now have permanent casus belli against any human player with badboy >= 35 on the very hard difficulty.
- Your stability will no longer increase by +1 by annexing a minor.
- Badboy cutoff factor for badboy wars at very hard is now depending on the time period (some accumulated badboy is acceptable), and depending on the DIP rating of the monarch.
- Badboy display has been changed to be relative to badboy cutoff limits. Exact numbers shown as tooltip.
- Badboy value can now have decimals, allowing for minor changes over time and from effects.
- Badboy recovery speed have been changed completely, and is changed gradually each month. There is no difficulty modifier to it in MP. The Diplomatic ability of the ruling monarch affects how quickly badboy is recovered.
- Annexing Pagans as a non-pagan no longer increases the badboy.
- Added a new event command.. type = badboy value = change
- Fixed the badboy values from inheritance events, they now give 0.25 for each province.
- Manpower is now shown with one decimal on the city screen.
- Inflation is now shown with one decimal on the financial summary screen.
- Badboy now effects on stability costs, with a scaled effect, and most severe when above the badboy-limit. The effect is capped at 100% though.
- High badboy values makes it more difficult placing merchants in foreign Center of Trades.
- Monthly manpower income is now affected by the domestic policies affecting manpower.
- Removed some hardcoded national bonuses on colonisation success.
- Colonial success have now been rebalanced, conquistador bonuses are bigger, early timeperiod gives a penalty, the first attempts gives penalties, the production efficiencies gives bonuses and the number of current colonies gives a penalty. Basically, the ADM value of the monarch affects how many colonies can be maintained at the same time below colonial city status. This is only valid for colonies not attached to the mainland of the nation.
- The MIL value of a monarch now affects the morale of troops in combat, ranging from +0.25 with a 9 MIL monarch to -0.125 with a 3 MIL monarch.
- Eventwindows will now be auto-closed (option A always chosen), when running Handsoff games with the handsoff cheat.
- The tooltip on the main page now takes vassal incomes into account.
- Tweaked the badboy effect from annexing religious enemies down to +2.
- You no longer lose stability from cancelling a trade agreement.
- Tradingposts no longer count for a nations size in event triggers.
- The plaque random events are now slightly less harsh.
- Effects from off/def slider on fortress costs halfed.
- Blockading a port under siege now increases the supply limit severly for the siegers, as they gain extra supplies.
- There is now slighly more expensive to start a new tradingpost.
- Establishing a trading post in a province where the natives have been killed off is now much harder.
- You can no longer gain a complete victory against a nation which controls any cities.
- Implemented correct countrysize triggers to several events.
- Defenders of the faith accumulate war exhaustion at 80% of normal speed when at war now.
- Defender of the Faith now gets a +10% morale bonus, but also a +15% costs on technologies.
- Added a unique polish sprite for the musketeer era.
- War exhaustion will slightly decrease even when at war, if there is no military action going on in the wars a nation is participating in.
- You can no longer place colonies or tradingposts in provinces which you can not trace a discovered and unblocked path too.
- Sharing maps will never reveal uncolonised provinces.
- Warexhaustion increased by +1 when wartaxes is raised.
- Tweaked down the badboy from turboannexing to be on par with normal province gaining.
- Tweaked the formular for who to compete against in a Center of Trade.

Bug Fixes

- Stability should now be affected by the serfdom slider again.
- Economical calculations should now be shown correctly at the sliders again, and fractions are now accumulated in the technological investments.
- The american soldiers in the 1773 scenario should no longer become invisible.
- Total unitcounts should no longer be miscalculated in a reload if units are being built.
- Fixed the supported ships from shipyards message.
- Forced-vassalisation should now make a country leave its previous military alliance.
- Bugfixed plenty of rivers.
- Scenario Editor updated to work with new formats.
- Fixed a bug which made it possible to get ahead in infra and trade technology without any consequences on technology costs.
- Message settings should not be weird after a country changes tag/name.
- Teke now have correct artwork.
- Rebels now use rebel artwork.
- Fixed a bug which caused province-targetted events not working properly when triggered of other events.

Multiplayer and Stability fixes

- Fixed three different CTD's, including two common in late games and one on annexation/inheritances.
- Fixed an occasional CTD when accessing Valkyrienet.
- Fixed a problem which made some keycodes in the playernames crash the game in MP chats.
- Fixed a major problem which caused mods using moddir to not work in MP.
- Located and fixed a CTD in the garrison AI.
- Rewrote the file transfer routines for ingame transfer of savegame files. Should be a bit faster now.
- Fixed a crash in the MP lobby.
- Leaving and rejoining a game in MP should now work properly and not crash the game when starting.
- Optimized bandwidth usage heavily in multiplayer.
- You can now modify gamespeed in multiplayer as the host with ctrl+/-.
- Fixed a problem which made the file-transfer not work on dx9 or later.
- EU2 should now be able to support up to 24 players in MP.
- Tweaked some problems in the MP Lobby.
- Improved the chat functionality in MP games.
- Implemented a new pausing scheme where pause is immediate, and anyone can unpause after 30 seconds.
- Connection status should now be shown for clients too in MP.
- Fixed a problem with savegames making clients colonisations fail in MP.
- Changed the slower gamespeeds around a little bit. Normal is the old 2 months/minute speed, and there is now a speed between the old 1/1 and 2/1.
- Fixed a major problem with people being allowed to join MP games in VNET even if they had modded their default files.

AI Improvement

- The AI no longer cheats maintenance at very easy.
- Improved AI for inflation management..
- Improved AI for tech research.
- No default AI files are set as "ferocity = yes" anymore.
- Removed some errors in .ai files.
- Numerous countries should now use their proper AI files when they revolt.
- The AI may now default on loans.
- AI Warexhaustion now have a cap on all difficulties except very easy.
- The AI should now know how to change back from reformed to catholic when needed.
- Improved the AI for accepting loans.
- Italian nations should no longer colonise like mad.
- Improved the AI for refusing trade.
- The AI for colonising should no longer fall asleep.
- Improved colonial and exploration AI a little bit.
- AI will now take war exhaustion into account a bit more before declaring war or honoring an alliance.
- AI will build forts a little bit better now.
- Improved AI for refusing trade.

Setup tweaks

- Expanded maximum historical leaders id range to 200000.
- Denmark now have claims on Holstein in 1492 and 1617.
- National provinces for Moldovia and Wallachia streamlined in the 1492 scenario.
- Fixed some problems with Algeria in 1617.
- "The Age of Enlightement" scenario now have the correct ending date in the information screen too.
- Fixed the eternal revolt risk problem from french wars of religion.
- Added a few missing silverrimmed shields.
- Östlandet now produces Naval Supplies, not fish.
- Tröndelag is no longer a possible revolt location for Astrakhan
- Fixed swiss land and naval techs in 1492.
- Increased Bergenshus population in all scenarios
- Denmark now have tradingposts at Greenland in all scenarios 1492 and forward.
- Added leader and army names for Norway.
- Fixed the death of Henry IV to be same for leader and monarch.
- Fixed Death of King Lajos event.
- Fixed The Glorious Revolution event.
- Moved port to correct sea for Västerbotten, Österbotten, Tripolitania, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Martin and Antigua.
- The Caliphate now revolts with moslem technology group.
- Added lots of triggers to randomevents, and added scaled randomevents, so that effects are different depending on countrysize.
- Fixed a broken shield for KSH.
- Fixed some problems with japanese events.
- Emmanuel de Rohan have been downgraded.
- Several more nations should now use their randomleader names.
- Removed Jan Olbracht and extended Aleksander's reign to cover that period for Lithuania.
- Return of Napoleion event should work fine now.
- The Oostende Company event now gives an explorer correctly.
- Pragmatic Santion should now have 3 options.
- The Lisboan Earthquake is now much more devastating.
- Reworked the french setup in 1795 regarding the flow of the historical monarchs.
- Zygimantas II now dies when he historically did.
- Sale of Corsica event fixed.
- Japanese random events for the civil war will no longer happen when the civil war is over.
- The Pugatchev uprising now only gives 6 RR for 120 months
- Marquis de Pombal now arrives after his King.
- Citysizes of Kiel and Hamburg tweaked in various sites.
- Removed some broken triggers in the random events files.
- Removed duplicate commands in some russian major events.
- Vestbygden is now inland.
- Royalists and Puritans can no longer revolt if the other is in play.
- Greenland now becomes norwegian core provinces when they go independent.
- Tweaked russian conquistadors.
- Added several core provinces to a russian major event to make sure they always get it.
- Tweaked alot of random events to reduce cash and fortress gains.
- Changed some events to/from history in various scenarios.
- Fixed some dutch colonies in 1700, and Sydney in 1795.

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