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'Battlefield 1942' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on March 7, 2003 @ 8:57 a.m. PST

EA has let us know that they have just released a new patch for their hit title BattleField 1942. This update patch will bring your BattleField 1942 retail game to v1.31 and mainly optmizies network and client issues. Read more for detailed fix list and links where to grab the goods ...

Get the BF1942 v1.3 patch off Worthplaying (48mb)

USA Link 1 <--> USA Link 2 <--> European Link

Other Mirrors

Get the BF1942 v1.31 patch off EA (48mb)

Get the BF1942 v1.31 patch off 3DDownloads (48mb)

Get the BF1942 v1.31 patch off 3DGamers (48mb)

BF 1942 Patch 1.31


There are known issues with Audigy cards and this patch. These problems can be avoided by enabling HARDWARE ACCELERATION in the sound options menu.


  • Fixed Co-op crash when restarting map
  • Removed default Remote Admin Password for servers
  • Changed Object collision system To prevent Exploits involving players hiding inside of objects


  • locked out console.showClientPredictionStatus console command to prevent exploit

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