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'BattleField 1942' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 11, 2003 @ 11:19 a.m. PDT

After we had a leaked version, EA has now finally released the official v1.4 update patch for BattleField 1942. This upgrade includes two new rifles replacing earlier versions, some gameplay tweaks, graphical enhancements, networking improvements, bug fixes etc. The update comes in two flavors, one from the last v1.31 update or the full (and much larger) version. Read more for details and download links ...

Get the BF1942 v1.4 Patch [FULL] off Worthplaying (69mb)

Get the BF1942 v1.31 -> v1.4 Patch off Worthplaying (29mb)

Get the BF1942 v1.4 Linux BETA Server off Worthplaying (65mb)


New Features

  • Improved CRC content checking which allows the server administator the option to include client side modifications but still block client side cheats.
  • Added ability to reserve slots with a password.
  • Added spawn points for some airfields.


New Features

  • The console command Soldier.CameraShakeFactor 1.0> toggles the camera shake in 1st person on/off.
  • Two new weapons replacing earlier weapons used in the game
  • Type 99- Japanese Assault rifle
  • DP 1928- Russian Assault rifle

Improvement of game feeling

  • Slight delays when turning, jumping and pulling out new weapons for a smoother and tighter experience.
  • Recoil animations changed.
  • Improved Death Cam: can now be configured to disable `Reveal Killer' mode.

Gameplay Fixes

  • AA Guns do not cause splash damage when hitting sandbags.
  • Mines now detonate when vehicles go in reverse over them.
  • Infantry can now aim a full 180 degrees up and down in the 1st person view.
  • Camera shakes when firing weapons mounted on vehicles.
  • A pixel added to the center of the cross hair (server option).
  • Disabled ability to repair land-based vehicles in hangars.
  • Rear gunner for Stuka/SBD/Ai-chi-val now have cross hair.
  • Default mouse sensitivity raised for air controls. (You need to revert to default input settings once for this to take effect.)
  • Added friendly mine indicators to HUD and mini-map.
  • Increased bayonette damage to cause instant kill.
  • Machine guns on Japanese destroyers don't run out of ammo anymore.
  • Deviation time goes back to normal after running faster.
  • Archival in Wake Island CTF spawns in with full health again.
  • Less damage to planes from stationary machineguns.
  • Road to Rome bombers re-balanced.

Graphical Improvements

  • New and improved parachute landing animation in 1st person view.
  • Lightmaps on ships implemented.
  • Increased visual effect for AA-gun airplane hits.
  • Improved hit particle effect when shooting at infantry.
  • Road to Rome british soldiers get the Sten Gun.
  • Faulty Defgun death effect fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with B17 flaps that caused them not to appear on clients.
  • Bazooka/Panzerschrek smoke trails changed.


  • Improved precaching when loading maps, reducing stalls when new objects are loaded in during game.


  • Scoreboard now shows current server's name, IP address and Map name.
  • Scoreboard now lists player ID for all players.
  • Buddylist is now saved to profile and retained between maps.
  • Text messages and kill messages from buddies are color coded green.

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