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ChampionShip Manager 4

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Genre: Management

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'Championship Manager 4' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 30, 2003 @ 5:13 p.m. PDT

Get the CM4 v4.0.7 patch off Worthplaying (14mb)


- Tuned Czech league attendances
- Fix obscure crash when a player involved in a p/ex transfer retires during it
- Make injury records self repair if corrupted by bad-sector
- Reduced number of retirements due to injury
- Made person team records self repair if corrupted by bad-sector
- Made team records self repair if corrupted by bad-sector
- Fixed weather distribution
- Fixed ability problems with regenerated players in inactive leagues
- Improve selection for "Manager of Month" awards
- Improved reputation changes due to promotion/relegation
- Fixed bug where Northwich move to a massive 200,000+ seater stadium
- Made players clubs look for take into account whether the club is active in Europe more
- Adjusted progression of agility and balance characteristics for players
- Fixed contract decision news for non playing staff when no news body text was getting generated.
- Coach and scout reports can now be done on players who are on trial.
- Tweaked player injury distribution
- Tweaked player long term tiredness/jadedness
- Tweaked manager job applications to make movements easier
- Team/squad screen now keeps the view type permanently.
- Fixed problem with network clients using other languages. Match reports/club names, etc were not being translated.
- Manager sackings are now listed on a teams 'Staff Out' page.
- A player can now accept a contract renewal and a loan contract at same time.
- On the match screen, clicking on the minute label of a sending off or injury now shows the highlight of that event.
- Loans are now permitted between English Premiership teams from 2003.
- Player's trial spell at a club in his playing history is now shown as "Trial" and not "Loan".
- A player signed from free transfer now has "-" shown in his history instead of "Unknown Club".
- Moving a player from one team to the other sometimes did not update the title text properly.
- Group draw news was sometimes not being sent to teams.
- Fixed a few interface problems when 2 or more humans are playing matches on the same machine on the same day.
- For nations where trialists are allowed to play competitive matches, the trial screen no longer states that trialists cannot play.
- Players withdrawn from national teams now get repicked properly in future matches.
- Fixed friendly screen bug where choosing a team would sometimes result in a different team being selected.
- Auto team selection for national teams no longer uses players from U21 team.
- Fixed spelling mistake in transfer embargo news item
- Stopped you're player's who are on loan from being offered to you
- Allowed offers in excess of 50m
- The competition button on a nation screen now takes you to the group that the nation is playing in for that competition instead of the first group.
- If a nation does not have any awards, the awards button is not displayed on the menu for it.
- Reduced the number of club's who show an interest in a player as soon as the human manager makes an approach for him
- Stopped computer teams from making bids of £0 over 6 months
- When signing a player/assistant the news item now says player/assistant rather than just assistant
- Stopped players asking for a min fee release clause when one has already been offered
- Fixed the return from holiday once appointed holiday option
- Fixed the apply for higher jobs holiday option
- Fixed

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