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'PlanetSide' - Producer Letter & Update Info

by Rainier on June 4, 2003 @ 1:38 p.m. PDT

Sony Online send word that a lot of great things are going on with PlanetSide and that they are very close to adding the first new features to the game, additional vehicles. Read more to check out the latest producer letter expressing our ongoing dedication to PlanetSide as well as descriptions of our first two new vehicles coming in the next few weeks.

Producer's Letter


As you realize, there have been some server instabilities since launch that require us to manually take the servers down occasionally, and which cause occasional (but short) outages of service.

These are very close to resolved now. You may have noticed us running "Staging" server tests occasionally over the last couple of days. That's us testing the new and improved server code that trounces the server memory leak (it forced us to manually cycle the servers occasionally) and fixes the last big culprit bug that caused zones to go down occasionally (about one or two a day across all servers).

These are big fixes that touch a lot of code, so we're being very careful with them, but they're almost done now. In the next day or two, we should have those issues resolved and behind us forever.

That's a very good thing. We're very much looking forward to addressing the thousands of suggestions you folks have made, as well as finally getting to the great new content we've already planned for you. There are lots of fantastic things coming in the future, once we get over this speed bump.

Just a day or two left now until that's completed. SOE is very committed to the life of PlanetSide and the dev team has been working every single day and night since launch to fix these issues. This team is here now and will be here for many, many months to come, so expect great things.

Dave Georgeson

Future Plans

  • Liberator Bomber
    • As the battles for the domination of Auraxis rage, new weapons and tactical situations will continually emerge. The PlanetSide team will be adding content and features throughout the game's life. Among the first updates will be a new aircraft: the Liberator.
    • The Liberator is a bomber that carries three passengers, all with weapons access. The pilot will position the aircraft over the intended target, with a bombardier dropping the payload. The bombardier may choose to drop single bombs or carpet-bomb across a small focused area. The pilot is equipped with a forward-mounted 35mm chain-cannon. The tail-gunner mans a 20mm cannon to defend the craft against a rear assault.
    • The Liberator's capability for clearing tightly grouped targets defending chokepoints and tactical positions will bring new offensive opportunities to the soldiers of all three Empires.
  • The SkyGuard
    • As the Liberator takes to the skies, Empire leaders have recognized the need for an effective counter-attack vehicle. This necessity led to the development of the SkyGuard.
    • The SkyGuard is a two-person Anti-Aircraft ground vehicle. The pilot lies in the cockpit, positioned ahead of the gunner. The gunner mounts a raised 360 degree turret equipped with an anti-aircraft Flak Cannon and a 12mm machine gun to suppress ground troops. To effectively pursue and vanquish airborne targets, the Skyguard has been designed with a focus on speed and maneuverability.
    • Air units will be wise to learn to recognize the SkyGuard and prepare for its challenge. Commanders will recognize the advantages of keeping these vehicles active in base defense scenarios.

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