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'Space Invaders: Invasion Day' (PS2) Announced - Screens

by Rainier on July 17, 2003 @ 8:43 a.m. PDT

Bigben Interactive is sad to announce the imminent destruction of the Earth. Well, not exactly... Twenty-five years since they first appeared, Space Invaders are back! Space Invaders: Invasion Day is an out-and-out, old-school, shoot'em-up that sees our extraterrestrial enemies back doing what they do best. This time, however, the action takes place on Earth in locations spread across a major city. Players will have fifty stages to complete and ten bosses to battle against if they are to repel the Invaders.

The game features two distinct game modes. The single-player, story-mode follows the fortunes of three characters. Players can choose to play as Ashley, a young photographer searching for her missing fiancée; Justin, a leader of a local street kid gang out to avenge the deaths of his friends; or Naji, an officer in the special police unit. Each individual has different attributes, weapons and story paths. Players need to eliminate waves of Invaders before confronting a Boss at the end of each area before progressing to the next part of the story. Rendered cut scenes punctuate the action and help the story to develop.

The survival-mode can be played by either one or two players. The objective is to collect points by destroying the marauding Invaders and blasting objects while dodging the hail of laser-death that the aliens rain down on you. In the survival-mode the game will continue relentlessly until your character's hit point meter reaches zero. Extra energy, bombs and better weapons can be collected as bonuses and are vital to achieving a high score.

In addition to the new-look Space Invaders: Invasion Day the game also contains a hidden version of the original 1978 Taito classic.

Space Invaders: Invasion Day will be available for the PlayStation®2 on September 5, 2003 and carry a mid-range price tag of £14.99 rrp.

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