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'Savage: The Battle For Newerth' Finally Coming To Europe

by Rainier on Jan. 15, 2004 @ 9:35 a.m. PST

In a move that proves once and for all that European games players are more ferocious than their American counterparts, Digital Jesters has announced an exclusive retail pack, which contains substantially more 'Savage' than ever before. The game will be available for PC CD-ROM throughout Europe on February 20th 2004, with a SRP of £29.99.

Savage: The Battle For Newerth is an online multiplayer game in which players unite to compete in epic battles. The game's unique fusion of first-person combat and real-time strategy perspective has enthralled American players since its original release late last year, and the all-new European Savage retail pack offers a host of additional extras assembled to make the game even better value than ever.

To celebrate the forthcoming launch, Digital Jesters has just unveiled a new European official Website, located at To give Europe a bigger boost, Digital Jesters will be hosting servers dedicated for the European community.

The new and improved European version of Savage will include the following extra features in one lavish pack:

  • 64-page, lavishly-produced official strategy guide
  • New maps exclusive to European retail pack
  • An exclusive 'mod' made by a professional modification team – namely "Samurai Wars" which radically alters the game's original premise
  • Bonus disk complete with many currently mods, skins, maps and tutorials made by the ever interactive US Savage community
  • Clan server vouchers for free servers on

Savage's US launch has been an amazing triumph, receiving top scores from esteemed publications such as IGN, Avault, PC Gamer and PC Zone to just name a few. Some of the coveted awards include 'Editor's choice', 'Essentials', 'Drool Award' and 'Top 5 PC games of 2003'. The new pack will provide both a more extensive gaming experience, offering better value for money for an already brilliant game.

"Our vision with Savage was to make a definitive pack to offer the European gamers," says Terry Malham, Director, Digital Jesters. "Savage has been a long time coming to our shores and we wanted to make sure it was worth the wait. By offering these bonus features we have certainly achieved that and not only improved the gameplay but also the value for money"

Digital Jesters will be publishing Savage throughout Europe. The UK release will be on February 20th 2004, SRP £29.99. Distribution throughout the rest of Europe will follow in March and April, with an SRP of €35.

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