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Rainbow Six 3: Ravenshield - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 27, 2004 @ 10:51 a.m. PST

Ubi Soft has yet again released a patch for Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. This upgrade brings your retail game to v1.53 (US & UK versions) and this patch should finally resolve the wall-peeking issue as well as address the problems users of the OEM discs have been having. Read more for download links ...

Get the Raven Shield v1.51 -> v1.53 (US/UK) patch off Worthplaying (3mb)

Get the Raven Shield v1.0 -> v1.53 (US/UK) patch off Worthplaying (27mb)

Get the Raven Shield v1.53 Dedicated Server off Worthplaying (9mb)

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield v1.53 (Build 383)

  • Fully resolves the wall-peeking bug.
  • Addresses issues with the OEM discs.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield v1.52 (Build 381)

  • New fully integrated update system to help keep your game up-to-date.
  • Now supports adding custom operatives (player made) to the game.
  • Improvements for supporting for Athena Sword and future mission packs.
  • Many small bug fixes

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield v1.51 (Build 318)

  • Addresses the copy-protection problem with virtual drives.

Rainbow Six 3 : Ravenshield v1.5 fixes :

  • Added an Operative SDK.
  • CD-Keys stored in the registy are now encrypted.
  • Fixed some problems related to the ?Immediate Firing Animations? option. Including the 3 round burst animation that was not exactly representing the shooting of three rounds and the pump shotgun empty reload sound that was missing.
  • When connecting to PunkBuster enabled server, cancelling the connection then immediately re-trying to connect will generate various error messages.
  • Modified Raven Shield codes so that it won?t time out as easily when waiting for CD-Key authorization.
  • Solved some problems related to switching players in coop mode that most often would result in crashes or other strange behaviors.
  • PunkBuster messages that are too long to fit on one line will wrap at the end of line to the second. Before they were simply truncated.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera could get stuck in a certain position from time to time, usually at the start of a round.
  • Fixed the case where "RavenShield" was displayed instead of the name of the map in the server list.
  • Fixed the intro videos that would still play even when the game was started through a game service like Ubi.com, GameSpy or the All Seeing Eye.
  • On a minimal install the intro Ubi logo was not played

This package contains all the files needed to launch a Raven Shield dedicated server.

As this is a Beta release, you may experience bugs and/or problems with the software included in this package. We recommend that you do not try this if
you are not an advanced PC or Linux user.

1. How to create a dedicated server initialization file

First of all, you need to understand how the systemserver.ini works. Here are some short descriptions for each option found in the systemserver.ini.

* Note that a server can handle more than one server.ini file.

MaxPlayers=16 -> Number of players you want to host on the
* The minimum is 2
* The maximum for adversarial is 16
* The maximum for cooperative is 8

NbTerro=-1 -> Number of terrorists you want to fight per map.
* Sets value between 1 and 45
* Cooperative mode only

RoundTime=240 -> Time per round.
* Sets value between 5 and 900
* Set in seconds

BetweenRoundTime=25 -> Time between rounds.
* Sets valure between 5 and 99
* This sets a time for people to change their
gear and/or options

BombTime=45 -> Timer for the bomb fuse.
* Sets value between 30 and 60
* Only used in adversarial bomb mode
* Set in seconds

CamFirstPerson=True -> First person camera availability.
* True=On
* False=Off

CamThirdPerson=True -> Third person camera availability.
* True=On
* False=Off

CamFreeThirdP=True -> Free third person camera availability.
* True=On
* False=Off

CamGhost=True -> Ghost camera availability.
* True=On
* False=Off

CamFadeToBlack=False -> Fade to black or no camera.
* When the option is set to true, there's a fade to
black when player die and no other death camera available
* True=On
* False=Off
* Very usefull during tournament or clan matches.

CamTeamOnly=True -> Restricts the camera to the player's team only.
* True=On (restricted)
* False=Off (not restricted)

UsePassword=False -> Locks the server.
* True=On (password will have to be entered by
who try to join the server. See GamePassword
* False=Off (not restricted)

AllowArmPatch=False -> Not in use.

LoudFoot=False -> Not in use.

ShowNames=True -> Allows players to see their teammates names
aiming at them.
* True=On
* False=Off

InternetServer=False -> Sets an Internet server.
* True=Internet server
* False=LAN server

FriendlyFire=True -> Friendly fire
* True=On
* False=Off

Autobalance=True -> Autobalance the teams in certain game modes.
* True=On
* False=Off

TeamKillerPenalty=True -> Teammate killer penalty.
* Only valid if FriendlyFire is set to True
* True=On (TKer skips a round if victim accepts to
* False=Off

AllowRadar=True -> Allows players to see the HUD radar.
* True=On (radar visible)
* False=Off

ServerName=RS_Ded_1.2 -> Server Name as displayed in the server list
*The maximum of character is 31

GamePassword= -> Players need to type this password to join
locked servers.
* Only valid if UsePasword is set to true

AdminPassword= -> Password used to get to the server admin
* Only valid if UseAdminPassword is set to True

MOTD= -> Message of the day.
* Appear on the team selection screen
* Maximum characters is 62

RoundsPerMatch=10 -> Number of rounds that will be played in each map.
* Minimum is 1
* Maximum is 20

ForceFPersonWeapon=True -> Force usage of the first person weapon.
* True=On (forced)
* False=Off

UseAdminPassword=True -> Activates the possibility to administer the
server in-game.
* See AdminPassword
* True=On (active)
* False=Off

DiffLevel=2 -> Sets the terrorists AI difficulty in cooperative
* 1 = Recruit
* 2 = Veteran
* 3 = Elite

DedicatedServer=True -> Sets if the server is a dedicated server or a
listening server.
* True=Dedicated server
* False=Listening server
Your are not allowed to play on a dedicated server.

AIBkp=False -> Enables AI backup in cooperative mode.
* True=On
* False=Off (no AI backup)

RotateMap=False -> Enables map rotation on success in
cooperative mode.
* True=On (map will change on Mission Success)
* False=Off (game will follow the RoundsPerMatch

GameType[0]=R6Game.R6TeamDeathMatchGame -> Game types that will be
played for the maps below.
* For example Gametype[0] will be
played on map[0],
Gametype[1] will be played in
map[1], and so on.
GameType[1]= So here, "Team deathmatch" will be
played on "Bank".
*Here's the different gametype that
can be played
Adversarial gametype list




Cooperative gametype list




Maps[0]=Bank -> Map Names.
* These are the names of the RSM
files found in
your maps folder that you wish to


CurrentServerFile=Server.ini -> Current server.ini used by the

2. Launching a server using command prompt (DOS/Linux)

You can type in any of the two following commands to start a server:

Ucc server

*This will use the default server settings that can be found in the System folder. To know what is the default server settings file, refer to your ravenshield.ini


or use the following command:

ucc server SERVERCFG=[Insert your server file name here]

*By default Server.ini will be used.

2.1 Launching a server using batch command file (.bat, .cmd) (Windows only)

You can also use these files to launch a server:

- Systemserveradver.bat
- Systemservercoop.bat

If you launch the server by using on of these two .bat files, the server will
automatically restart if it crashes.
You can change the name of the file you wish to initialize the server with.

@echo off
ren server.ini server.old
echo Renamed server.ini
copy [Your ini file name] server.ini -> Modify this line
echo Copied new ini file
echo Starting server...
ucc.exe server
goto restart

2.2 Launching a Linux server using batch command file (.sh) (Linux only)

You can also use these files to launch a server:

- Systemserveradver.sh
- Systemservercoop.sh

If you launch the server by using on of these two .sh files, the server will
automatically restart if it crashes.
You can change the name of the file you wish to initialize the server with.
Don't forget that you need to make the script and ucc executable. For most
versions of unix this can be accomplished
with the following command from the System folder:
chmod a+x ucc
chmod a+x serveradver.sh
chmod a+x servercoop.sh


# Run forever
while [ true ];
mv Server.ini Server.old &&
echo Renamed Server.ini
cp ServerADVER.ini Server.ini && -> Modify this line
echo Copied new ini file
echo Starting server...
./ucc server
echo Restarting

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