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Natural Selection

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Unknown Worlds
Developer: Unknown Worlds

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'Natural Selection' - v3.0 Mod Update Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 30, 2004 @ 6:14 p.m. PST

Natural Selection, a modification based off the Half-Life engine combines real time strategy (RTS) and first person shooter (FPS) elements to provide a unique multi-player team-based game play experience. With 2 years of history behind it, version 3.0 looks to be the most stable, feature rich and balanced version of Natural Selection yet. The Natural Selection team is committed to delivering a fast-paced gaming environment where even new players can contribute immediately to the overall teams benefit.

Get the NS 3.0 beta 2 Windows Client Patch off Worthplaying (10mb)

Get the NS 3.0 beta 2 Dedicated Server Patch off Worthplaying (10mb)

  • Changed Combat respawn system. Players now respawn in bigger waves, and time to wait depends only on team size (so smaller games spawn faster). Spawn times vary from around 6 seconds (1v1) to 20 seconds (16v16).
  • The return of the Gorge to Combat! This should address the problem where marines can heal their CC easily while the aliens cannot.
  • Fixed bug in UTIL_SharedRandomFloat that fixes bug where bullet holes were firing with perfect accuracy for everyone but the shooter (bug #233)
  • Changed catalyst packs so they no longer do damage to recipient
  • Fixed bug where holding walk key while cloaked sometimes allowed you to move too fast and uncloak you
  • Halved acid rocket damage and energy cost (to make rockets more fun to use)
  • Fixed bug where lerk sometimes showed spike model
  • Fixed bug where aliens sometimes spawned with the wrong weapon selected (bug #249)
  • Increased Fade stats from 250/100 to 300/150 (+33% damage capacity)
  • Increased Onos stats from 700/500 to 700/600
  • Increased cost of heavy armor to 2 levels (Combat)
  • Increased redemption chance from 30% per second per level to 35% per second per level
  • Experience is again awarded for repairing the CC or healing the hive (currently 1/3 the amount). Removed faster hive healing in Combat to compensate.
  • Changed welder to have a random ROF (gameplay effects should be unchanged)
  • New welder sound
  • Electricity damage reduced from 25 to 20 (to compensate for increased range)
  • Scan upgrade can no longer be purchased multiple times in Combat (bug #478)
  • Fixed bug where options on the pop-up menu looked like they were available before they actually were (also bug #478) (should also fix bug where prices weren't shown in NS mode)
  • Fixed issues with alien pop-up menu in NS mode (bug #471)
  • Fixed bug where aliens with level 3 movement upgrades were taking 1/2 damage from turrets (Thanks Fortuna Wolf!)
  • Added missing credits list to ns_agora
  • Fixed bug where Metabolize interfered with regeneration (bug #356)
  • Fixed bug where Metabolize cost more energy to use then energy it gave back
  • Changed hive healing so it now scales healing by the target's hitpoints (the hive now heals 6% of a player's hitpoints per second)
  • Changed "kills" to be actual number of players killed, not adjusted for type/level of lifeform (thanks Lux!)
  • Removed mp_spawninvul variable (it defaulted to 0 before so this won't change most servers)
  • Installer fixes (WON/multiple Steam ids)
  • Temporarily removed playback of intro movies until we figure out how to encode them properly
  • Updated ns_metal (thanks quazilin!)
  • Tweaks
  • Fixed crash bug when cheats were enabled
  • Updated ns_nancy (thanks Lazer!)
  • Added ladder to vent outside of Marine Start. (the "death vent")
  • Port Hive lowered a little, south wall moved back in to be a little more like the 1.x version.
  • Made Subspace vent even more gorge friendly.
  • Better clipping on ceilings of hallways so getting into the ceiling vents becomes a lot more possible without leap.
  • Lowered r_speeds, and other assorted tweaks.
  • Added a few things to the readyroom... :]
  • Updated co_pulse (thanks tommyd!)
  • Improved marine spawn point locations
  • Added more room to the marine start
  • Updated ns_tanith (thanks tommyd!)
  • Removed welds near waste hive to prevent marine camping
  • Fixed in-the-void siege/building exploit near fusion hive
  • Fixed vent-siege-building in new vent by waste hive

Natural Selection: Combat

  • Natural Selection: Combat is a new fast and furious gameplay mode focusing on intense action. Combat games generally last less than ten minutes, and require very little knowledge to play.
  • New maps - Six new Combat maps, made just for Combat. Enjoy a combat-simulation on "daimos", battle over rock and water on "core", or enjoy non-stop action on "faceoff".
  • New upgrades - New Combat-specific upgrades like "resupply" and personal scanner sweep give you help when you need it.
  • Gain experience - Get experience for killing the enemy, or for attacking their base. As you gain experience, you gain levels. Each new level lets you choose a new upgrade, weapon, or piece of equipment. Even after death, you retain these power-ups.

New NS gameplay

  • New look - Over 150 new textures and new NS maps give the game a whole new look. Fight in the claustrophic halls of ns_ayumi, catching a glimpse of snow falling outside a catwalk, or take control of the awe-inspiring and incredible ns_agora.
  • Catalyst-packs - New "catalyst-packs" allow Commander to speed rate of fire and movement of marines for a short duration.
  • New lerk - New flight model for the "Lerk", allowing smooth and precise flapping and gliding (he also has his bite back!).
  • New spectator interface - All-new spectator mode is easier to use and ideal for match commentators.
  • New manual - The manual has been totally re-written to include a "quick start" guide, and detailed information on every weapon, ability and structure.
  • Other features - New chat and font system, the ability for mappers to pre-place structures in maps, 'votemap' command, new scoreboard, new alien "focus" upgrade, and much more.

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