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Far Cry

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Crytek

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'Far Cry' - Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 8, 2004 @ 10:12 a.m. PST

You are Jack Carver running your own boat charter business in beautiful Micronesia. With a past best left behind you, you'll be focusing on your present assignment: escorting a gorgeous journalist named Valerie Constantine to the Island of Cabatu. A piece of cake, you surely think so … but as you'll soon learn : paradise can quickly turn into hell.

As you arrive to the remote tropical island, Val leaves for the jungle while you wait on the boat. Your boat is suddenly hit by a rocket and you are thrown to the sea. When you surface, a platoon of mercenaries is aiming at you. You have no choice but to dive underwater to dodge the bullets. You see the entrance of an underwater cave in the rock and aim at it. As you enter the cave, an explosion cause the entrance to collapse. There's nothing much to go by, except for a small hole through which some lights gets in…

Jack managed to find his way out of a Japanese bunker where he was trapped. He found several weapons along with a mercenary radio through which Doyle, an unknown person, contacted him to guide him to Val.

Following Doyle's advice, Jack destroys a communication tower to disorganize the mercenaries and rushes to escape the mercenaries who started to track him down and to save Val who is taken to a pier.

When he makes it to the pier, Jack sees Val in a boat going away escorted by mercenaries. Shortly afterwards, Doyle comes up on a boat and tells Jack to get in. He says he is the voice on the radio. Jack hops in. Doyle tells him to stay hidden. As Jack asks him what's going on, Doyle gives nothing but incomplete and ambiguous answers making a special point that Jack must not be seen with him, otherwise it would blow his cover. Doyle drops Jack on the next island. There is little time left to save Val, Doyle tells him.

As Jack is about to enter the Research facility, he encounters Trigens for the first time. Doyle tells him that these mutants are the results of failed experiments, when scientists were beginning a new project. Some are semi-free in a containment zone. Some have left the containment zone and attacked the scientists and the guards.

Trigens - First Info

Far Cry will feature five different types of Trigen. Not all details can be reveal on them for the moment. What we can first let you know is that some are more sort of aberration - early failed experiments designed from primates, and thus have limited skill and intelligence when other are massive human-based creatures designed to take almost unlimited damage and have the stamina to carry the heaviest weapons.

For info to come …

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