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Natural Selection

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Unknown Worlds
Developer: Unknown Worlds

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'Natural Selection' - v3.0 Mod Update Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 10, 2004 @ 4:52 p.m. PST

Natural Selection, a modification based off the Half-Life engine combines real time strategy (RTS) and first person shooter (FPS) elements to provide a unique multi-player team-based game play experience. With 2 years of history behind it, version 3.0 looks to be the most stable, feature rich and balanced version of Natural Selection yet. The Natural Selection team is committed to delivering a fast-paced gaming environment where even new players can contribute immediately to the overall teams benefit.

Get the NS 3.0 beta 3 Windows Client Patch off Worthplaying (25mb)

Get the NS 3.0 beta 3 Dedicated Server Patch off Worthplaying (25mb)

  • Combat respawning change: only 1/4 of the team can respawn at a time (waves last 5-11 seconds, depending on team size). This reduces Combat game length significantly, and gives much more importants to player death.
  • All new ns_hera (massive server CPU optimizations and balance changes) (thanks Merkaba!)
  • Data Core Alpha replaced with old Hera material which allows easier attack on the archive hive (no lifts)
  • Marines can now go from the marine start to the warehouse without having to weld open anything.
  • Warehouse is now connected to the holoroom via a small corridor.
  • No more vents lead into marine start.
  • Two more resource nodes added to the map. One in the fog corridor, and one in Systems Handling (where data core alpha used to be). The old node in that area has been moved into the Archiving hive.
  • Archiving a little wider now, so the upper level isn't so cramped.
  • Total entity count is now < 240
  • Walkway no longer in an ineffecient U shape.
  • Fog Corridor shortened.
  • Various little fixes and touchups.
  • Readyroom changes (shorter MS start, no egg)
  • Added "Xfire" support to the installer (optional). This is an instant messenger for gamers, and will auto-update full NS support later this week. Visit for more information.
  • Updated hand grenade sounds (new explosion, bounce, prime, etc.)
  • Fixed bug where grenade launcher grenades death messages used hand grenade sprite
  • Sped up resupply time at armory slightly
  • Reduced mine health to 20 (so gorges can easily take them out with spit and marines can detonate them in combat with FF)
  • Purchasing mines now gets you 4 mines instead of 5
  • Hand grenades now do less damage then grenade launcher grenades (100 instead of 125)
  • Increased rate at which hives heal friendly players (from 6% per second to 15% per second)
  • Fixed bug where heal spray wasn't working for many hives
  • Removed preservation of experience when leaving the team because of abuse
  • Updated co_kestrel (thanks DevilDog!)
  • Extended existing vent near subhangar to also allow access to MS
  • Added "Hangar 7 Control" room which sits above and looks into the MS. This provides another way into the MS for a total of 2 normal, 1 accessible by all but Ohnos, and 1 vent
  • Hive slightly moved and a vent added from the ladder that goes up to the escape pod that "looks" at the hive. This serves as a perch to allow gorges to heal the hive (they can't reach it from the ground).
  • Couple of texture fixes
  • Updated ns_ayumi (thanks DrunkenMonkey!)
  • The elevator outside marine start is replaced with a ramp.
  • A new weldable just outside the "AE35" hive that open up a door to "Gorges Hideout".
  • A new ladder in "Star Child".
  • The rails are gone in "Eastern Entrance" to make the room more open, and also is the hallways that leads to that room remade.
  • The "Hamasaki" hive have gotten a new exit.
  • The hive in "Pressure Control" have been raised a little bit, so it can no longer be blocked by structures.
  • A new vent in "Pressure Control".
  • New sky.
  • New ambient sounds in all of the three hives.
  • Lots of tweaks all over the map, to make it easier and more fun to play.
  • Updated co_ulysses (thanks Blueman!)
  • Fixed clip error at the hive
  • Added co_ulysses back into the mapcycle
  • Fixed clipping problems on ns_nothing (thanks KungFuSquirrel!)
  • Updated co_rebirth (thanks IAN!)
  • A big change with this version, because I built a new level just under the marine start, trying to encourage marines to get out.
  • Increased the size of corridors just next the rebirth room, built a little vent inside the MS for skulks and lerks (I enjoy the idea they could be hidden in the ms itself) and I built a place for gorges in the Hive room to heal the hive and perhaps will it help marines too.
  • Doors in general stay open longer
  • Updated co_angst (thanks ChromeAngel!)
  • Revamped marine start
  • Other unlisted changes that were apparently favorably received by playtesters
  • Fixed incompatibility with server mod menus (bug #482).
  • Fixed cannot type text into the chat box while CTRL is pressed (bug #491)
  • New co_daimos, to help fix problem where Oni have trouble spawning sometimes (thanks Hypergrip!)
  • Changed Combat respawn system. Players now respawn in bigger waves, and time to wait depends only on team size (so smaller games spawn faster). Spawn times vary from around 6 seconds (1v1) to 20 seconds (16v16).
  • The return of the Gorge to Combat! This should address the problem where marines can heal their CC easily while the aliens cannot.
  • Fixed bug in UTIL_SharedRandomFloat that fixes bug where bullet holes were firing with perfect accuracy for everyone but the shooter (bug #233)
  • Changed catalyst packs so they no longer do damage to recipient
  • Fixed bug where holding walk key while cloaked sometimes allowed you to move too fast and uncloak you
  • Halved acid rocket damage and energy cost (to make rockets more fun to use)
  • Fixed bug where lerk sometimes showed spike model
  • Fixed bug where aliens sometimes spawned with the wrong weapon selected (bug #249)
  • Increased Fade stats from 250/100 to 300/150 (+33% damage capacity)
  • Increased Onos stats from 700/500 to 700/600
  • Increased cost of heavy armor to 2 levels (Combat)
  • Increased redemption chance from 30% per second per level to 35% per second per level
  • Experience is again awarded for repairing the CC or healing the hive (currently 1/3 the amount). Removed faster hive healing in Combat to compensate.
  • Changed welder to have a random ROF (gameplay effects should be unchanged)
  • New welder sound
  • Electricity damage reduced from 25 to 20 (to compensate for increased range)
  • Scan upgrade can no longer be purchased multiple times in Combat (bug #478)
  • Fixed bug where options on the pop-up menu looked like they were available before they actually were (also bug #478) (should also fix bug where prices weren't shown in NS mode)
  • Fixed issues with alien pop-up menu in NS mode (bug #471)
  • Fixed bug where aliens with level 3 movement upgrades were taking 1/2 damage from turrets (Thanks Fortuna Wolf!)
  • Added missing credits list to ns_agora
  • Fixed bug where Metabolize interfered with regeneration (bug #356)
  • Fixed bug where Metabolize cost more energy to use then energy it gave back
  • Changed hive healing so it now scales healing by the target's hitpoints (the hive now heals 6% of a player's hitpoints per second)
  • Changed "kills" to be actual number of players killed, not adjusted for type/level of lifeform (thanks Lux!)
  • Removed mp_spawninvul variable (it defaulted to 0 before so this won't change most servers)
  • Installer fixes (WON/multiple Steam ids)
  • Temporarily removed playback of intro movies until we figure out how to encode them properly
  • Updated ns_metal (thanks quazilin!)
  • Tweaks
  • Fixed crash bug when cheats were enabled
  • Updated ns_nancy (thanks Lazer!)
  • Added ladder to vent outside of Marine Start. (the "death vent")
  • Port Hive lowered a little, south wall moved back in to be a little more like the 1.x version.
  • Made Subspace vent even more gorge friendly.
  • Better clipping on ceilings of hallways so getting into the ceiling vents becomes a lot more possible without leap.
  • Lowered r_speeds, and other assorted tweaks.
  • Added a few things to the readyroom... :]
  • Updated co_pulse (thanks tommyd!)
  • Improved marine spawn point locations
  • Added more room to the marine start
  • Updated ns_tanith (thanks tommyd!)
  • Removed welds near waste hive to prevent marine camping
  • Fixed in-the-void siege/building exploit near fusion hive
  • Fixed vent-siege-building in new vent by waste hive
  • Natural Selection: Combat
  • Natural Selection: Combat is a new fast and furious gameplay mode focusing on intense action. Combat games generally last less than ten minutes, and require very little knowledge to play.
  • New maps - Six new Combat maps, made just for Combat. Enjoy a combat-simulation on "daimos", battle over rock and water on "core", or enjoy non-stop action on "faceoff".
  • New upgrades - New Combat-specific upgrades like "resupply" and personal scanner sweep give you help when you need it.
  • Gain experience - Get experience for killing the enemy, or for attacking their base. As you gain experience, you gain levels. Each new level lets you choose a new upgrade, weapon, or piece of equipment. Even after death, you retain these power-ups.
  • New NS gameplay
  • New look - Over 150 new textures and new NS maps give the game a whole new look. Fight in the claustrophic halls of ns_ayumi, catching a glimpse of snow falling outside a catwalk, or take control of the awe-inspiring and incredible ns_agora.
  • Catalyst-packs - New "catalyst-packs" allow Commander to speed rate of fire and movement of marines for a short duration.
  • New lerk - New flight model for the "Lerk", allowing smooth and precise flapping and gliding (he also has his bite back!).
  • New spectator interface - All-new spectator mode is easier to use and ideal for match commentators.
  • New manual - The manual has been totally re-written to include a "quick start" guide, and detailed information on every weapon, ability and structure.
  • Other features - New chat and font system, the ability for mappers to pre-place structures in maps, 'votemap' command, new scoreboard, new alien "focus" upgrade, and much more.
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