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'A.I.M.' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 12, 2004 @ 6:20 p.m. PST

Get the Artificial Intelligence Machines Demo Off Worthplaying (350mb)

This is an official public "A.I.M." demo-version which aims at introduction of the game to players. Demo includes one location only. There is a sign "DEMO" in the left bottom of the screen. This demo requires a big install file (so make sure you have enough free hd space), takes a few minutes to initiate and requires a reboot. Main differences from full-version:

  • one location;
  • multiplayer game not available.

System Requirements:

- Microsoft Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP operating system;
- 800 MHz processor with 256 MB ram and 856 MB of available disk space;
- Direct X 8.1 or higher;
- Direct X 7 compatible 32 MB 3D Graphics card;
- Windows compatible sound card.

- Microsoft Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP operating system;
- 1.5 GHz processor with 512 MB ram and 856 MB of available disk space;
- Direct X 9;
- Direct X 8 compatible 64 MB 3D Graphics card;
- Windows compatible sound card.

" W/Up - forward
" A - strafe left
" D - strafe right
" S/Down - backward
" X - break
" SPACE - jump
" Left - turn left
" Right - turn right
" Left Shift - afterburner
" R - afterburner lock
" 1 - stasis field
" 2 - shield
" 3 - lights
" 4 - booster
" 5 - antimissile
" 6 - camouflage
" 7 - information analyzer
" J - journal
" M - map
" H - hold
" Q - bomb/missile
" B+vertical mouse movements - launch bomb
" Left Ctrl/Mouse 1 - light weapon
" Tab - mark target
" Right Shift/Mouse 2 - heavy weapon
" Caps Lock/Mouse 3 - rockets
" F1 - cockpit view
" F2 - 3rd person view

Humans and Arlings, creators of the military test zone managed by a spontaneous computer system named "Super", abandoned it a long time ago. A.I.M. is artificial intelligence in a super durable shell used to test different kinds of equipment on the battlefield. The A.I.M. civilization was born as a result of long-term functioning of the military zone and its elements. The "Super" system is meant to create effective battle gliders, while A.I.M. are responsible for its further perfection and testing. As different A.I.M. have a different vision on the further upgrade of gliders, they split up into different groups. There is also the third power. It has to do with the events that happened long before the appearance of A.I.M. civilization. The third power named the Observer supervises A.I.M. and influences the course of events in a certain way. In fact, the aims of "Super" master computer and the Observer are totally opposite. They can affect the next stage of A.I.M. development in a totally different way. The player can take either side and change the future of the robotic world forever.

The player enters a huge world made up of different zones. Each zone lives a life of its own, and has its own social and trade relations. Moving from zone to zone the gamer meets different groups of A.I.M. and may join any of them. The player, just like his enemies and allies, has access to different combat vehicles, technologies and upgrades. Profitable trade, victories in combats and fulfillment of different tasks will let the player earn resources to upgrade the glider and influence his in-game rating.


  • Over 30 types of weapons, including bombs, mines and rockets
  • Over thirty types of gliders, including biomechanical gliders
  • Various opportunities for gliders upgrade
  • A unique robotic social system, civilization of AI creatures
  • Top notch special effects
  • Huge sci-fi game zones

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