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'Sabre Wulf' (GBA) - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2004 @ 3:35 a.m. PST

Sabre Wulf on the GBA once again pits veteran hero Sabreman against his old nemesis as he attempts to recover a series of precious treasures. The terrain ahead is harsh and dangerous, but thankfully the land is inhabited by a variety of strange creatures - all with big googly eyes, of course - that the intrepid explorer can recruit. As was announced yesterdya, Sabre Wulf is one of the Rare titles that got snagged up by THQ. Read more for a few new screens ...

It's up to the player to decide where and when to place these creatures onto the screen in a way that helps you through the level - do you use the large girder to prevent a barrage of spikey enemies from overhead, or the jelly to bounce over the pillar and avoid them altogether?

Sabre Wulf features a variety of gameplay modes, from isometric towns to side-on platform adventuring, as well as the first ever proper speech from Sabreman, ACM-graphics in a Donkey Kong Country style, and a variety of musical melodies that, combined, push the GBA to its graphical and aural limits. Combined with a Wulfcam, many characters to talk to and new locations to explore, familiar characters making a return and gallons and gallons of nice hot tea, this promises to be something really rather special.

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