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"POSTAL 2: Share The Pain" to Ship In Europe

by Rainier on March 1, 2004 @ 1:16 p.m. PST

"Since it seems like so many European countries are upset with America at the moment because of our foreign policy, we felt it was the ideal time to offer them a harmless means of venting their rage," explained Running With Scissors' honcho and international diplomat Vince Desi. "We sat down at the UN and reached an agreement with our European Allies to share our pain, as in POSTAL 2: Share The Pain."

Representing Europe is hell-tech, a Greek publishing and distribution company that is committed to getting the game on retail shelves across Europe. "We've seen what Running With Scissors has done in the past and we wanted to share in their success," explained hell-tech's Christos T.

"We've dealt with publishers and distributors who've been missing in action," Desi admitted, "but we know that hell-tech's people will fight like Spartans to make this game a success in Europe. If they have to, they'll smuggle our games into stores inside a big wooden horse."

POSTAL 2: Share The Pain offers both an enhanced single-player version of the original POSTAL 2 as well as four multiplayer options, including a Capture-the-Flag variant dubbed "Snatch" that employs the booty-full Postal Babes. Among the 25 characters who populate the game, which is rapidly becoming a favorite among LAN gamers, is RWS spokesperson Gary Coleman.

As usual, an expectation of controversy accompanies Share The Pain's arrival on the other side of the Big Pond. "We already have a loyal following among European gamers who sometimes go to great lengths to buy a copy," countered a confident Desi. "This distribution deal with hell-tech provides the opportunity for more Europeans to discover the joys of going POSTAL, American style."

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