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'Homeplanet: Play With Fire' Is Finished

by Rainier on March 11, 2004 @ 9:20 a.m. PST

3Map Games development company is pleased to announce that the work on beta of Homeplanet: Play With Fire is complete. Players will take a role of young Clan Leader's nephew, who will ensure the security of the new Clan's home planet. The add-on contains not only new storyline, new heroes and space ships, but long awaited multiplayer mode. With the Play With Fire players will be able to challenge their piloting skills battling other players via LAN or Internet

For now HomePlanet: PWF is going through intense testing by in-house beta test team and it’s targeted to be released within few weeks.

About Homeplatet. Named by the site the Best Russian Game of the Year, Homeplanet is a visually stunning space sim based on real-life Newton physics. Game introduces strong story about exodus of the Troiden Clan. The Troiden Clan is a ?louto outcast. Its members have to leave the planet and plunge into the search for a new home. The whole game action is taking place in space and the game is finished after Troiden clan finds its new home.

The gameplay is based on an effective spaceship piloting and proper fulfillment of the arising tactical and strategic schemes.

Key features of Homeplanet: Play With Fire:

  • Newton physics flight engine. Two modes of spacecraft flight - acceleration and cruise.
  • Brand new 7 Chapters storyline along with new player as well as non-player characters
  • More than 5 new ships
  • New locations
  • Brand new Clan
  • Multiplayer mode: classical DeathMatch mode or Cooperative Campaign

For more info about Homeplanet please visit

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