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'Graphsim Entertainment' Is Bringing 'Spartan' To The US - Trailer

by Rainier on March 19, 2004 @ 8:45 a.m. PST

Publisher Graphsim Entertainment and developer Slitherine announce a publishing agreement for the North American release of Spartan, a new turn-based strategy game from an award-winning developer of strategy classics. Read more for details or check the new cinematic trailer...

Get the Spartan Trailer off Worthplaying (35mb)

In Spartan the player rules a military and economic empire from the Classical Era. Command any of over 100 authentically researched nations to ultimate victory. All of the major factions from the period are portrayed in the game, from the Romans to the Persian hosts under the Great King Xerxes. Players select one of the many successful city-states that abounded at the time and try to control the known world through a mix of research trade and naval power. Alternatively the player can take control of Sparta, one of the most feared military machines of all time.

Spartan will be available in May for PC CD-ROM. Spartan is distributed in North America exclusively by Atari, Inc.

Spartan Features

  • Over 100 historically researched nations, each with a varying number of settlements and city improvements, utilizing 9 different resources such as Gold, Marble, Copper and Grain, all portrayed on a fully rendered and authentically accurate campaign map of ancient Greece around 400BC
  • Beautifully hand-crafted 3D rendered campaign map
  • 3D battles with free zoom and rotatable camera
  • Innovative "Always Active" 2 player multiplayer over LAN & Internet via Gamespy
  • Use ships to travel from island to island, fight naval battles & perform naval invasions.
  • Siege castles and assault them when they are weakened
  • Build city walls armed with catapults and hurl Greek fire onto your enemies, scorching the earth and killing anyone in their path
  • Huge battles allowing up to 16 squads per side on enormous battlefields
  • Advanced diplomacy options, trade agreements, tributes, spying sabotage & more
  • Loads of beautiful Greek & Persian units with hundreds of animations
  • Large variety of resources, technologies, nations, leaders, units, structures, events, barbarians & more
  • Mission objectives, historic events & capital cities
  • Epic structures such as the Acropolis, Oracle & the Colossus

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