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'LTStudios' Creates New 'Myriad' Engine (PS2/Xbox/PC) - Screens

by Rainier on March 19, 2004 @ 9:00 a.m. PST

LTStudios today announced their new toolchain and development system Myriad – which has been specifically designed to deliver highly populated environments for Playstation 2, Xbox and PC. Myriad's sophisticated engine can manage environments teeming with characters, high volumes of vehicle traffic or any other active game content – from cars and animals to soldiers and military craft. With the addition of vehicle dynamics and physics, Myriad had recently been used to create a racing game prototype.

Andrew Parsons, MD of LTStudios commented, 'In Myriad we have created a highly adaptable engine and toolset which, as far as we know, can handle higher volumes of moving characters than any other engine that's currently available. We're already using many of the features of Myriad in the prototypes that we have under development.'

Joss Ellis, COO of Argonaut Games plc, added 'Whilst, in the main, we manage the Group's technology and tools from our London studio, we do encourage all of our studios to use their technical as well as creative freedom. In Myriad LT has created an engine that is already proving beneficial.'

Features of Myriad – example using human figures in a city environment:

  • 500 lit, skinned and fogged people at 60 fps using three levels of detail as follows: LOD 0 - (near) -1928 triangles; LOD 1 - (mid) - 1046 triangles; LOD 2 (far) 325 triangles
  • 500 different and separate animations
  • 500 AI decision paths
  • Xbox – 21 million triangles a second
  • PS2 – 16.7 million triangles a second, single bone animated. 14 million multi-bone. 32.6 million triangles per second prelit landscape system. (8 tick renderer on VU1)

The statements above relate to a Myriad system running LOD on people alone, not on the environment or non-human objects within it.

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