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'BF1942: BattleCraft' & 'BattleField Vietnam' - Updated Editor

by Rainier on March 19, 2004 @ 4:59 p.m. PST

Electronic Arts released the first version of the Battlecraft map editor for Digital Illusions' 3D action game Battlefield Vietnam. The editor shipped with the game but is now available as a separate download, and this initial release similarly includes a full set of Object Lightmap templates. At the same token EA has also released a new version of the Battlecraft 1942 editor v2.1 which now incorporates the Object Lightmap templates that used to be a separate download, as well as adding several dozen new features, improvements, bug fixes and other changes (thanks 3DGamers). Read more for details and download links ...

Get the BF1942 BattleCraft v2.1 off Worthplaying (64mb)

Get the Battlefield Vietnam Editor off Worthplaying (124mb)

Battlecraft Vietnam V1.0 Release Notes

  • Redid object list for new objects in BFV B3
  • Added new SkyFog paramter to available skies in .cfg. SkyFog from specified sky set will now be used as fog color.
  • Disabled shadow generation processes
  • Fixed team insignias to be seperate. Must delete bfvietnam.cfg and create a new one.
  • Fixed Operation Flaming Dart does not load. Stops somewhere after "Loading Growth..." and never finishes loading or crashes
  • Added Load Error logging.
  • Fixed Landing zone albany says it can not find overgrowthmap file on load, then load of map completely aborts.
  • Fixed Transparency detection on objects
  • Upgraded detail texture from one of the BFV maps for default and urban textures.
  • Fixed Khe Sahn displays assertion failed in spawns.cpp on load
  • Changed game.setViewDistance to game.ViewDistance in init.con.
  • Changed renderer.globalAmbientColor to renderer.SecondaryDiffuseColor
  • Changed renderer.animatedMeshAmbientColor to renderer.LMambientColor
  • Removed water.lightDirection
  • Removed water.specularEnable
  • Removed water.texLayer1
  • Removed water.texLayer2
  • Removed water.normalMap
  • Removed water.scrollDirectionNormalmap
  • Added water.color setting
  • Added water.watercolordepth setting
  • Added native terrain shadow rendering system
  • Updated Battlecraft Users Guide
  • Removed fog rendering in the object browser
  • Fixed Vespa land vehicle mesh in .lst
  • Fixed Zsu land vehicle mesh in .lst
  • Fixed Mig21 air vehicle mesh in .lst
  • Fixed Purple object spawns
  • Added option to auto-select items in the OB when edit from properties dialog
  • Removed CQ check from Soldier and object spawn dialogs
  • Changed tips for BCV
  • Fixed credits dialog to have BFV graphic
  • Added undo for Growth Mapper
  • Fixed team change to write insignias and such
  • Added option to abort an application closure
  • Added new shadow color drop to shadow properties
  • Added option to growth tools to switch multi texturing mod

Version 2.1 of Battlecraft 1942 now supports the following

  • Added Invasion of the Philippines support
  • Added Liberation of Caen support
  • Improved in-game map water generation. Can now specify water color to use by way of the water properties dialog
  • Changed water height change to flag map changed for save
  • Improved Camera On Terrain movement
  • Startup now auto loads the bf1942 mod cfg if it exists
  • Improved camera movement code
  • Optimized Snap Objects To Ground code
  • Added fog rendering and option in Editor Options dialog
  • Added registry support for chosen texture set
  • Added support for teamOnVehicle for object spawns to create spawnpoint vehicles
  • Fixed some problems with Merging Light Maps
  • Changed grassy green detail texture in default texture set to a grayscale Omaha texture
  • Changed the maplist.con writing on "Test This Level" to work with BF1942 1.6
  • Fix registry keys from not reading sometimes
  • Added "(None)" to object spawns for only creating spawns for certain teams
  • Added random Vegetation placement tool
  • Made red strike-out on mini map generator darker
  • Fixed bug with deleting objects not giving back objects used count
  • Added option to render/not render water in BC for easier terrain editing under water
  • Added Progress Bar to status bar for generation functions
  • Changed Add File To Archive to be multi select
  • Added support for onlyTakableByTeam on control points
  • Added check to block numbers in level file names. This will prevent many user errors
  • Added better cursor-over selection on object spawns
  • Changed CON File Editor to Archive File Editor and added command to remove files from the level archive
  • Added ability to edit many selected objects by hitting the ENTER key
  • Added new Function menu to application menu and sorted out commands
  • Added function command to set the spawn camera position instead of setting it every time you save
  • Added dialog to In-Game map generator
  • Added ability to customize In-Game map icons
  • Added validation of game.addModPath in the BF1942 init.con file for shadow generation to work on MODs
  • Changed selection of Static objects and Object spawns to be from any category specified in the .lst
  • Added code to change modPath on new CFG creation
  • Added code to copy the palette file over to the shadowwork directory during merge
  • Added an effects category to the .lst file
  • Added option in Functions menu to revert terrain shadows from surface maps

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