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Trackmania (2006)

Platform(s): PC, Wii
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Developer: Nadeo

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Enlight Brings 'Trackmania' To North America

by Rainier on March 24, 2004 @ 10:46 a.m. PST

TrackMania is a hybrid 3D racing game filled with progressively difficult tracks, a variety of competitive modes, and the ability to create your own tracks using building blocks (tunnels, land transitions, signs, turbos) and share them with other users.

TrackMania, a hybrid racing game with elements of Stunt Car Racer, Wipeout and PipeMania, has struck a cord with players who love heart pounding racing but are tired of the work involved in playing overly realistic racing simulations. "At its roots and in its heart TrackMania is pure Stunt Car Racer," noted the Ferrago gaming site in its positive review of TrackMania. "It is one of those games that you just keep on playing into the wee small hours." "TrackMania combines several forms of gameplay, catering to the creative and thinking gamer on one hand, and the competitive twitch junkie on the other," said the Wicked Toast gaming site in a recent review. "TrackMania's seriously addictive gameplay is poised to steal your time."

The North American version will also contain enhanced Internet play, a unique avatar system, a new survival mode, ghost competition cars and 60 new building blocks such as tunnels, land transitions, signs and turbos. Open to all, TrackMania's multiplayer network game is built to allow every player to participate, from the casual gamer with a low-speed connection to the more experienced gamer with a high-speed connection. Visit for more information about the games multiplayer features.

"TrackMania is an addictive over-the-top racing game," said Paul Lombardi, Chief Executive Officer of Enlight Interactive, the U.S. publishing operation of Enlight. "Developed for mass market appeal, TrackMania allows players to build huge race tracks and then tackle them solo or over the Internet with other players from around the world. This is a fun, easy to play title that focuses on gameplay and will do very well at retail."

Developed by Nadeo and published in the United States and Canada by Enlight Interactive Inc., TrackMania will be available on Windows PC, priced at $29.99 (U.S.). For additional information please visit

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