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'Nitro Family' - Demo No Longer Available

by Rainier on March 3, 2004 @ 4:48 p.m. PST

Demo pulled .. real public demo coming soon ...

Here is the Minimum Required Machine Specification:

Pentium III 700 MHz or Equivalent
256MB of RAM
32MB video card or higher such as Geforce 2 or ATI Radeon or better
Video card must support hardware transform and lighting (T&L)
Windows Direct X 8 compatible sound card
Windows 98/ME/2000 or XP Operating System
Direct X 9 Required
1GB of free hard drive space

Here is the Recommended Machine Specification:

Pentium IV 1.4 Ghz or higher
512MB of RAM or higher
64MB video card such as Geforce 3 or ATI Radeon or better
Windows Direct X 8 compatible sound card
Windows 98/ME/2000 or XP Operating System
Direct X 9 Required
1GB of free hard drive space

1. Default Controls:

Forward: W
Backward: S
Strafe Left: A
Strafe Right: D
Fire Left Hand Weapon: Left Mouse button
Fire Right Hand Weapon: Right Mouse button
Toggle Left Hand Weapon: Q
Toggle Right Hand Weapon: E
Reload Left Hand Weapon: Z
Reload Left Hand Weapon: C
Jump: Spacebar
Hyper Bombing: B
Use/Activate: F
Crouch: X
Combo Weapons: 1
Grenade Launcher: 2
Push Gun: 3
Sniper Rifle: 4
Nitro Missile: 5
Next Weapon: Mouse wheel up
Previous Weapon: Mouse wheel down
Quick Save: F6
Quick Load: F9
Pause Game: ESC

2. Gameplay:

- Weapon system is divided into Combo weapons(Shotgun, Machinegun, Rocket launcher set) and Normal weapons such as Grenade launcher.
- To change Combo weapons press Q and E key, to change Normal weapons use Mouse wheel and 1~2 keys.
- Maria will automatically reload the weapons and give you them back when you change the weapons.
- You can reload ammos by pressing Z key for left combo weapon and C key for right combo weapon, but this is much slower than changing weapons.
- To make combo counts, use Shotgun, Rocket launcher and Grenade launcher which can make enemies float.
- Easy example of combo play is floating enemies with Rocket launcher then shoot the enemy in the air with shotgun. Otherwise you can use just two shotguns for floating and attacking the enemy at the same time.
- There is an Ecstasy and score qauge in the upper-left corner of the screen. You should be able to see the gauge pumps up from green to red and when it reaches to the end of red, you'll see beautiful world floating slowly in front of you. To enter Ecstasy mode easily, you should make as many combo attacks or give big damage to multiple enemies at the same time using explosive weapons like double rocket launcher or grenade launcher.
- To upgrade or buy new weapons, meet Lisa and press F key. You can upgrade combo weapons and buy Grenade launcher in demo.
- You need Golden Bell credits to buy weapons from Lisa and combo-attacking enemies will give you the Golden Bell credits which is presented in upper-right
corner of the screen.
- Use Quick Save: F6 and Quick Load: F9 to avoid beginning from the start.

3. Levels:

- Demo has 2 levels and the second level will be loaded automatically when you reach the end of the first level.
- The second level will be finished after you kill the stage boss 'Monk' in the church.
- Listen to Maria's guide(voice and text) to proceed the level properly.
- In the first level, you have to use Maria's Hyper-bombing(press B key after you got the gas item) to proceed.

4.Techincal Issues:

1. Nitro Family will only run on video cards with 32MB of RAM and Hardware Transform & Lighting support. (Most video cards released in the last 3 years with 32MB or higher support Hardware Transform & Lighting) Here is a list of cards that do NOT support Hardware Transform & Lighting will NOT work with Nitro Family:

3DFX Voodoo series of cards
Kyro II
Nvidia TNT series
ATI Rage series (and earlier cards)
SiS Graphics Chips/Cards
Intel Graphics Chips/Cards
Matrox 450 and Matrox 550 (and earlier cards)

Again, Nitro Family is not compatible with any of the cards listed above.

3. If you are using a GeForce 2 or equivalent card, be sure to turn off FSAA, projected shadows, and detailed textures and run the game in 800x600 screen

5. Tips on increasing performance:

1. Only the fastest machines (P4 1.4 GHz and Athlon 1700 XP+ and higher) with high end video cards (e.g., Geforce 4200 and Radeon 9000 series) should play with all graphics settings on high and all features on.

2. Update to the latest Microsoft certified drivers from your video card manufacturer.

3. Do not run any other applications in the background when playing the game.

4. Defragment your hard drive. (See Windows manual for instructions)

5. Increase the RAM in your machine. The game will take advantage of additional RAM above 256MB.

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