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'Powerdrome' (PS2/Xbox) - Screens

by Rainier on April 8, 2004 @ 8:52 a.m. PDT

It's the sheer speed of the game that will take the player's breath away. Becoming adept at flying a blade will require more than just beginner's luck. A unique feature is the way the player character conveys the motion of the vehicle on screen to give even more feedback than previously achieved in any other game. Characters react to every scrape, crash and event on the track, heightening the experience and hooking the player into the action as if they were actually on the blade themselves.

Powerdrome is fully multiplayer compatible and makes the most of both Xbox Live! and PS2 online play. Up to eight speed junkies can create their own grueling races and tournaments. Powerdrome is a game that rewards those gamers with real skill but even the losers will be left gasping for more.

Twelve champions from the far ends of the galactic hegemony compete for an interstellar trophy by racing their Blades - jet-engined, anti-gravity aircraft. The drama-filled competition is staged at break-neck speeds around spectacular tracks. The game features 24 circuits across 8 dramatic environments, ranging from a sub-tropical Ocean Dam to a race on and under a terraformed ring-world.

The original Powerdrome for the Amiga and the Atari ST was written by Michael Powell in 1988 and kicked-off the entire future-racing genre. Powell now heads the team developing the new Powerdrome and despairs of the lack of distinctiveness in recent future-racing titles.
Powerdrome's designers have achieved a totally unique format by rigorously applying their focus on delivering a totally compelling driving experience. The team tackled this by not just developing the vehicle handling but on creating unique player-feedback mechanisms.

Powerdrome will be published by Evolved Games and is due for release in April 2004 for Xbox and PS2.

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